Why Can't the Police Solve the Murder of the head of BLM? Is It, Because they did it

By Christopher R Rice

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None of my fellow journalist have the balls to say it, so let me be the first. When two NYPD officers were shot in the face, the guy responsible said that it was revenge killings for the two people just killed by the police, Michael and Eric. Remember?

Then at a BLM rally in Texas, a man, a real man, not like yourself, who hears about terrible injustices committed in his name and then chases after the Pokémon. But a real man shot eleven police officers, killing five of them. He also said that this was in retaliation for recent police killings of young black unarmed men. Remember?

Next, Darren Seal, BLM leader, (not pictured above) was shot dead and his car torched. In retaliation.

But wait, that's not the end of this story, is it? Were you waiting for some proof? You are dumber than you look, aren't you? Didn't you read the story? His car was torched, hum, who use to do that and why? Evidence? Gone, burned up. What more do you want. Do you really think this story ends here?

Crackers have been buying a lot of what lately? They've been selling a lot of guns lately, about as fast as they can make them. Huh?

What's coming up? Remember? Now who do you suppose the police want in the White House? Take a guess? A lot of dead people have been registering to vote, in case you missed the news. The police are also doing their election roundups, lockup whoever might vote for the wrong side and keep them locked up till after the elections.

Now once they get that crazy cracker in the White House and start rounding up 11 million illegals what chances do bloggers like myself have? You think Americans will stand up for me like they did Manning and Snowden. Oh wait, no one stood up, Americans are back stabbing, boot licking, ass kissers huh? Remember, the past and don't repeat it. Guess I'll see you in Gitmo. Oh, I know you think they kept the most expensive base open for another 8 years for what? I told you 10 f'n years ago that every government to ever create a secret torture apparatus eventually uses it on their own people. Duh.

Enter D. Trump. He already said he will torture supposed terrorist wives and children. And this is a presidential candidate. But you have nothing to fear because they told you that crooked Hillary will win, right. But what about the zombies voting for Trump? Remember them.

C'mon, no matter how dumb you are, even you must realize the vote has been rigged for a very long time. Hanging chads, ballots that are so confusing little old Jewish ladies thought they were voting for Gore were casting their ballots for Buchannan, remember?

But you're not a real man, so you're not really worth my spit. You won't do a damn thing, even if the Vice Prez went on national television and bragged about anal raping innocent Iraqis that had nothing to do with 9/11. Never attacked America. Nah, you're just a b*tch. Get off my blog ho. Only real men are allowed here. Men that want to stand up to the psychopaths in Washington. Otherwise kick rocks, don't need you, don't want you. Benedict, I remember you. I remember it all.

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