Why Respect the US military?

By Christopher R Rice
Why respect the US military? Every military man or woman that I have ever met has lied to my face. Respect is something that you must earn, I can't just blindly respect someone. And what is the militaries motto? "A bastard baby in every port" That's not very admirable is it? But there is another reason that We the Poor should NOT respect the US military machine. The US military receives half of our taxes, half of the US budget. They get the best weapons, the best training, the best everything and yet they have not won one war in over 50 years. WTF! How long does it take to beat a bunch of goat herders who don't have an air force, a navy or even a military budget?? And heroin production has gone up 700 percent since the US arrived, in Afghanistan. Something smells real fishy in this country. And that's because this country is rotten from head to toe. I have NO respect for a military that can not win a war. If you agree please share. If not please get your head out of your ass. You're killing me bro.

While the military sucks up half of the US budget our schools remain over crowded, roads all in need of repair, hospitals are out-of-date, jails are past over flow capacity. But we have no money for body cams for beat cops, no money for safer neighborhoods, no money for better schools or new textbooks, no money for social security, on and on.

F' the US military. On weekends, for the fun of it, I go down to Oceanside, Ca. to the Marine base. I wait for a group of Marines to leave the bar and call them Jar heads. When they say "what?" I put my fist upside their ugly stupid faces. Kiss my fist Jar head. How can I respect a pathetic drunk like a US Marine? I can't. They can't even get laid without having to pay for it. Pathetic, eat my fist.

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