American Justice in pictures

By Christopher R Rice

I still remember when Hoover sent in the FBI to tell the KKK to clean up their act. Stop wearing white robes and burning crosses. Put on a uniform and wear a badge. It's up to us good Christians to keep the savages and Super Predators in line. Everyone wants our white woman. Who can blame them though, have you seen their women? Nobody wants one of them.

It's not easy being white. Because white is always right. And we must take what we know is right and cram it down everybody else's throats. Because that's the right thing to do. Kennedy knew when he got us into Nam, that with just enough rape and torture those gooks would see the error of their ways and repent. Had those dirty hippies not stopped us Nixon could've bombed Charlie into submission.

Just like Obama has figured out with his drone wars. Bomb woman and children just like the fire bombs I throw at black churches to keep them in line. Might makes right.

America can do for the rest of the world what we've done to Africa for the last 600 plus years, rape and plunder. US Capt. James Steele trained the death squads in Central America, so then we sent him to the Middle East to bring us ISIS. Trained, funded and armed by US taxpayers, God bless America.

After milking the US taxpayer for 14 years of war crimes fighting a bunch of goat herders that don't have an air force, a navy or even a military budget, the military industrial complex created ISIS so Americans will be begging for more war. And the stock market went wild. Congress invested in every defense contractor they could find and the rich got richer and the poor got children. American justice in your face bytch.

Welcome to Underground America Inc.
Banned by Facebook. Banned by Reddit. Banned by Blogger / Google. Banned by WordPress. Hated by the police / LE. Feared by politicians and tyrants. They don't like me and they don't like you. Because they know that we stand for three things: Truth, Justice and Fuck the American Way.

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No one's safe. Nowhere. America will hunt you down to all ends of the earth to shove its red, white and blue justice up your, just a second, ask Snowden.




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