If you aren't part of the solution

By Christopher R Rice

It's strange that people get upset with the riots, violence, and destruction of property and then suggest peaceful protest as an alternative. But then when people engage in peaceful protest, these same 'haters' then get upset claiming that is the wrong type of peaceful protest. If you aren't part of the solution, you can't dictate to others which type of peaceful protest is acceptable and which kind isn't.

Haters will hate, regardless what you do, recognize.

First realize that the opinions of your masters and their stooges will never match your opinions. Americans have been brainwashed to believe there is no place better on the whole planet. As if they can't see across their own border, as if Canada didn't exist. Where thousands of Americans have fled to safety. From slaves to draft dodgers to political prisoners.

The next stupid thing that Americans have conned themselves into believing is that even if America isn't perfect there's no reason to protest any injustice because no one has it any better. The only problem is that perception is not reality. America is only number one if you compare America to some third world hellhole. Compared to any other industrialized nation and America ranks last. Dead last.

But Americans can't be bothered by the facts, where's the fun in that? America is the only country still living in the stone ages and not using the metric system. And at the same time, we think we're all that. Just like a bunch of dumb hillbillies. What a laugh.

But you all know what you can do if you don't like it here, right? I tried to tell that to the KKK. I said, you know what, if you don't like America, you can just get the hell out. Then I ripped that pointy sheet off his ugly face and wrapped it into a noose and put it around that Klansman's neck. When he got done pissing in his pants, I hung up on a tree and left him there.

There are many ways to protest. If the crackers don't like us kneeling during the anthem try this, call 911 and make a bogus report, several times a day. There's many ways to protest. Get a small 2 by 4 and drive nails into it just long enough to poke through the wood. Place these where police cars exit and enter. I've seen lots of forms of protest. Arsons another good one. Firebombing police stations or fire departments. The founding fathers dressed up as Indians to dump British tea into the ocean in a protest known as the Boston Tea Party. The equivalent today would be to dress up as gangsters and board commercial vessels from China to destroy the cargo on board to protest tariffs, trade imbalance, US jobs going overseas, corporations not paying their fair share or any taxes at all. And much more.

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