By Christopher R Rice

Do any of you remember how the Right wing was wetting their pants about Jade Helm? How they just knew Obama was coming after their guns, that he's secretly planning on taking away everyone's guns? Next time Alex Jones says he knows the secret truth perhaps you should stop drinking?

Well Alex, where's Jade Helm or FEMA camps or whatever crap your peddling this week. My sources are correct 100 percent of the time. I can't say the same about your BS, it's all lies. Check my articles with Snopes, any time.

Time someone removed the garbage. Ya'll seem fine livin' with BS, I'm tired of it. Time to take out the trash and clean this mess our parents left behind. You, can get with me or you can get out of my way.

Some people have no more sense than a baby.

President Obama, martial law and not leaving the White House in 2016

Ya' kno' whatz really fucked up about this? Real crimes being committed are swept under the rug while these conspiracy loons get all the attention. When drones kill babies, there's no outcry. The right wing is pry gleeful over baby murders. While crying about fake birth certificates and martial law and third terms and Muslims and Vince Foster real crimes are ignored.   


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