Me Against the World

Me Against the World
By Christopher R Rice

To all of you shit talkin' muther fuckers who don't have the creativity I have in my pinky finger in your whole bodies, yet always have somethin' shitty to say. You cant contribute a damn thing, huh.

Drunk slush swinging your fist about. Want to talk shit about me 'cuz I smoke weed. But there's a million more just like me. Think you're better than me? Prove it, asshole. Let's dance.

How many people are just taking up space? Living trifling meaningless lives?

You can spot them real eazy, they hate anyone with a life. They hate anyone that tries to do anything. They hate you no matter what you do.

What don't they like this week? The color of my hair. How far down I wear my underwear? How loud I play my music? What music I listen to? How long my hair is?

Don't pay them a second of your time.

Just keep moving and if they try to get in your way just run them over. They won't be missed for a sec., fuck 'em. You don't need 'em, they need you. That's right. Without you, their lives are empty, boring, worthless and pathetic.

Keep 'em guessing, that's what I say. Or 'let's give 'em somethin' to talk about'.

Superman or Green Latern ain't got nothin' on me, see, I can dive to the bottom of the ocean, rock your boat like that square never could.

Now I've got your wife callin' me, every time you leave for work, jerk. Talk all that shit you want bitch see if I care. Got your wife down on her knees. And when you get paid, guess who gets your check? That's right, she's gives me your best clothes, your money and whatever else I want. Where do you think your leather jacket went?

Keep flappin' your jaws 'till your diein' dayz. and my apologies to you if no one listens to a damn thang you have to say. You'll die bitter and alone. The same way that you lived. So keep talkin' your funk, your junk, it's all bunk. You're nothing but a drunk. Shit talkin' piece of shit.

Tell me this, if you're as half as cool, down to earth and funny as you think you are than why is it that you can't get laid? And you're fuckin' married? What a chump. You're a loser and no girl would want to be caught dead with you. Your own wife won't let you touch her. Get a clue. Then you come up here and take all of your failures and insecurities out on me, like a real man. Huh?

Well, if you really think that you are better than me then why not prove it? I'll tell you why not, it's 'cuz you're a pussy too, huh? All talk and no balls. No wonder why you're own wife won't fuck you. And no one else will either unless you got cash.

Ha, ha. Just think about it, I get paid for it and you have to pay for it. All that money and no brains, what a shame.


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