Pigs Three Different Ones

Pigs Three Different Ones (Part I)
By Christopher R Rice

While the greedy capitalist pigs try to rape and plunder the Middle East only Mother Russia has come to her defense.

Remember South America and the death squads? Do you? Who built them, who trained them, who funded them? It wasn't Russia. It wasn't the USSR. It is American corporations that are raping and plundered South America and if the peasants don't like it, if the peasants try to unionize or protest all the pollution we cause, here comes the death squads. Created, trained and funded by the US taxpayer to keep the peasants in line. Torture, rape, disappearance, sure starting to sound like Central America, the Middle East, wherever America goes the death squads are sure to follow.  

America created, trained and funds ISIS. Where else do death squads come from? From America! First created and used against the Native Americans. Death squads are an American invention.

American tax payers trained and funded Al Qaeda because they fought Russia for us in the 80's. Then America created ISIS to fight Assad.

Americans are raping and plundering the Middle East, the same way the slave ships plundered Africa. Now America leaves the slaves in their own countries. Makes them work for nothing, slave wages. Pillaging the natural resources and plundering the labor pool. We call it capitalism but it's really fascism. The fat piggy CEO laughs all the way to his offshore bank account while American taxpayers foot the bill.

We train, maintain and pay the death squads slightly more to keep everyone else in line and to absolve ourselves of any wrong doing. What a perfect scam. Now Uncle Sam has come for the oil. Russia didn't need it, they supply Europe with over half of their gas. Russia didn't invade Iraq, Vietnam, or Syria that's the USA.

America is in the Middle East to rape and plunder and only Mo the Russia was willing to come to her defense.

Generals gathered their army masses, just like witches at black masses. Death and hatred to mankind, fanaticism poisoning their brainwashed minds.

America's never been the police man of the world, that's mere propaganda. We occupy those nations by force and they want us to leave. How would you like another countries army base in your backyard with foreign troops, raping your teenage daughter?

In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning. Death and hatred to mankind. America is poisoning your brainwashed minds.

America has raped and plundered Africa for over 500 years, and now they want to do to South America and the Middle East what they've done to Africa. Oh boy!

White people today always claim that they don't benefit from slavery, that was over 100 years ago they tell me. But what are death squads? Aren't they the same as an over-seer? You know the guy that rode around the plantation keeping everyone in check with a bull whip?

America created, trained and funded the death squads in Central America, now the CIA brings us ISIS. So if you are an American citizen you are not innocent. You are guilty of invading sovereign nations. You are guilty of rape and destruction of your own country as well as every other country that you've invaded and tried to destroy.

You are guilty because it is your taxes, your government that you have elected that pays and funds those death squads. And it is true under both Republicans and Democrats. So now you stand accused, your sins weigh in the balance. You will be judged according to your actions, words and deeds. And you have been found guilty of crimes against humanity.

All residence of America are as guilty as any slave owner. They reap the benefits, let them suffer for their sins. Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war. Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor.

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