The Revolutionary with a plan

By Christopher R Rice

I was reading an interview with some militia members who believe that 1.) The election is rigged and 2.) Clinton is a criminal. They all went on to say that if Clinton does win in November that they don't know what to do. What course of action to take. Someone suggested a march on Washington. The militias copying the hippies accept this would be an armed march. Someone said there maybe unrest if there's a stolen election. But the liberals have guns too, so I guess it would be civil war and Hillary would get to send in Federal troops to quell the protest. And then the north would have to put down the south again. Liberals will have to make the Red states bleed all over again.

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Republicans fear that if they lose this presidential election that there will be no more Republican party. But they hold most seats in Congress and the Senate, so death notices and obituaries seem a bit premature.

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Here I am, the only man with a plan to remove the federal government legally and peacefully and yet everyone's been wasting time on birth certificates and bologna. Do you know that if the people had spent as much time and money as they did trying to prove that Obamas birth certificate is a fake on any one of my strikes we could have removed Obama a long time ago? And not had to suffer through eight years of what seems like Bush on crack. But for some reason Americans would rather give their hard earned money to some quack who talks about Jade Helm and FEMA camps and little green men with flying saucers. So now you're stuck. Either your guy wins, who's a real piece of work himself or you find yourselves up a creek without a paddle, Right?

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Here's the thing, I was willing to work with anybody. I didn't care if you were from the Tea Party or Occupy Wall St. or Black Lives Matter or the militias. Just as long as you are willing to stand up to the psychopaths in Washington. And that you wanted to return America to "of the people, for the people and by the people." It didn't mean that we needed to agree on every issue. Like the Founding fathers there would be some issues we'd have to take off the table- let the people decide. The only consensus that I required was that we agree the federal government is completely out of control and unable to obey its own laws. And that it is paramount to our safety and survival to remove them and bring them to justice before they eat us out of house and home.

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But, after 10 years of promoting one strike after another and not receiving any support from anyone. I now pray diligently each and every night to Allah, Jehovah, Vishnu, and Buddha to rain down fire on America. Please I beg them each and every night "destroy this unholy place", "bring your judgment and your wrath upon these wicked people."

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And finally god answered me. As it turns out there will be no revolution, the people will never rise up. Instead they will be given everything they've asked for, which turns out to be just enough rope to hang yourselves with.

So regardless who they put in power I'm rebuilding the underground railroad to counter the emerging police state.

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An exit strategy to the coming tyranny. I'm going off the rails on a crazy train.

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