We voted for "Change" but got the same old song and dance

By Christopher R Rice

The time for marches and peaceful demonstrations is over!

Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Bradley Manning, they fought back. Not with traditional weapons, but they fought back.

Did you want a war on drugs? Violent, militarized police? Or entrapment stings on prostitutes? Pigs violating, assaulting and mistreating defenseless women? An illegal "war on terrorism" to violate your Constitutional rights?

Civil disobedience confronts unjust laws and changes them. How? By breaking them! Yeah, but won't you go to jail? Yep.

Demonstrations and protest have no effect. I told you what this was all about when I first came out. But everyone had to open their mouth and try to ban General Strike to end Corruption.

Not only have I beaten your weak ass stings. I'm now doing stings on the police! So this how we'll do this- Fuck the Attorney General, Fuck your stings, fuck your drug war and if you want to be down with the government then fuck you too.

Not only will I say fuck the police, I will teach everyone how to fuck the police.

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Ban me, try it. You might just start a riot!

Lets talk strategy. Our campaign: make it hurt for them to hold on to power.

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Banks, the CIA, etc., can not run without the immense drug profits that flow in daily, what if I stop that flow of capital?

What if I did stings on the police and caught them in the act with their pants down? And have it on video!

What if I get off the defense and go on the offensive? And turn this BS they pull on me, back on them?

I'm back in business, boys!

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