How the Democrats will stop Donald Trump

How the Democrats will stop Donald Trump
By Christopher R Rice

Christopher R Rice

All of you are either too young or too stupid to remember this but not too long ago a rogue president named George Wiggly Bush attacked Iraq and millions of protesters clogged the streets. When their protest turned out to be fruitless they ran to the polls and filled both houses with Democrats and demanded an end to an illegal war. The Democrats said no problem, that's what we're here for, then they signed off on Bush's surge. And even more troops were sent to Iraq.

(I wrote about the democrats profiting from war in: Endless War = Endless Profits)

This did not phase voters who were too stupid to realize it was all a con, a shell game. Then Bush bailed out the banks and we dutifully called our congress members and senators against the bailouts a hundred to one, only to find out that they were going to give out even more bailouts to the auto makers. Not to mention QE, QE2, 3, 4 and 5.

So the voters gleefully marched back into the voting booths to put a democrat in the White House and end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. by Christopher R Rice warned everybody that this was a scam but no one listened. (Except the Border Patrol Union which backed VoteStrike)

Here's some videos I made as VoteStrike back in '09:

Then GWBush set the timeline for withdraw from Iraq before leaving office and yet somehow Obama was blamed for creating the vacuum that created ISIS, for withdrawing the troops from Iraq, too soon.  Wow Becky, Americans are fucking retarded.

Then Obama the ultra liberal democrat that ya'll sent to the White House to get us out of war, led us into war in Libya and Syria as well as extended the Afghanistan war into the Ukraine and Crimea.

But where was the protest? There were none. Then the Democrat, ultra liberal remember admitted to breaking the Constitution to one, spy on everyone and two, to kill without trial. Obama also became a war criminal like his predecessor but Obama used drones to kill women, children and first responders, and again there were no fucking protest. No end to the war as promised, no closing Gitmo, it was all a fucking con. And no one cared.

For some reason the Democrats could not stop GWBush's surge but the small minority of Republicans in the congress and senate were able to block Obama from closing Gitmo, give me a fucking break. And again, there were no fucking protest.

And now you think that your weak ass protest or the lie to your face Democrats can stop Trump, you are a fucking idiot of epic proportions.

I, Christopher R Rice told you, had you been reading this blog exactly what was and is going to happen but ya'll laughed in my face and made fun of my free blog. So, I bought a website and recreated the Underground Railroad. A string of safe houses that dots this country. I did it on my own with no help from anyone and with my own money. I put up a donation button and asked for volunteers but no one showed up and my Paypal account remains empty proving just how retarded Americans are.

Don't worry, be happy. Oh yeah, and welcome to the Underground. I've been working 16 hours a day, seven days a week to build it and it is only half finished. Nah, pry only a quarter built, if that, but I don't have time to tell you anymore, I've got to get back to building the Underground Railroad before it is too late. Thanks for nothing. Much love -C.

The Underground

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