Just Gimme Money

Just Gimme Money
By Christopher R Rice

Here at the Underground we try to give you a different perspective. A different world view than you can find anywhere else. Usually this means that we are exposing some huge horrible crime that's taking place but being ignored. This article is not about any crime being committed by my own government. Here at the Underground we see the whole world differently from the rest of you. Here's the Undergrounds version of an old Beatles song. (Don't tell Google I'm doing this, or well you already know what happened to YouTube after Google got ahold of them.)

Your pussy gives me a thrill, why not take it out on the corner and pay my bills! Now gimme money. That's what I want! That's what I want! And if you ain't made no money bitch, stay out on the track and don't come back. Where's my money bitch? That's what I want! Put on your shortest skirt and your highest heels you're goin out tonight and every night. Now gimme money. That's what I want! Hit the track and come and pay the kid. Just gimme money! That's what I want, that's what I want.

Nah bitch not half, not three quarters, all the money, cuz when the rents due you want I should just pay half or when your phone bills due or when you need bail, do you want me to only pay half? Nah bitch all the money or you can kick rocks, I got two more just like you. Just gimme money that's what I want. Now get out there and make us rich. The sooner you get that green the sooner we will be partying like rock stars. Repeat chorus

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