Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” a police officer and don’t try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

FBI: State Election Systems Were Hacked

FBI: State Election Systems Were Hacked
By Tom Brant PCMag

EDITORS NOTE: Before I republish this old article from August 29, 2016 think about the recent scandal and how everyone's dealing with it. Did the Russians help Donald or is it just more fake news? Well long before Hillary lost and long before Obama claimed that our elections couldn't be hacked they were. And just like the boy who tells his mom someone ate all the cookies with crumbs on his chin only Donald claimed the elections were hacked.

Voter registration databases and other election systems in two states have been hacked, according to the FBI and local officials, who launched an investigation this month following the discovery of malicious software on a state computer.

In an Aug. 18 warning notice obtained by Yahoo News, the FBI said that hackers penetrated two state election databases in recent weeks. The warning lists several suspicious IP addresses and claims that hackers used "penetration testing" software, including Acunetix, SQLMap, and DirBuster, in an attempt to gain access to election systems.

"The FBI is requesting that states contact their Board of Elections and determine if any similar activity to their logs, both inbound and outbound, has been detected," the warning notice said. "Attempts should not be made to touch or ping the IP addresses directly."

Although the warning did not specify which states were targeted, Yahoo and local news reports identified Illinois and Arizona. In Arizona, officials cooperating with the FBI shut down part of the state elections website that displays information on campaign financing. Officials also identified a compromised login credential that was used to access a computer connected to the state's voter registration system, according to Arizona Central.

In Illinois, officials shut down the voter registration system for 10 days in late July after hackers managed to download personal data on up to 200,000 state voters, a state board of elections official told Yahoo News.

The FBI did not identify the source of the suspicious login attempts. In a separate investigation, the agency is looking into reports of Russian hackers targeting the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Yahoo News reports that that one of the IP addresses listed in the FBI alert has surfaced before in Russian criminal underground hacker forums.

EDITORS NOTE: I think I told you this shits been rigged for longer than I can remember. Hell they rig boxing / sporting matches / events, how much more important is the United States of Americas elections with trillions of dollars at stake? Think man, God gave you a brain, use it.

Original here-

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Muhammad Ali’s Son Detained for Hours at Florida Airport by Immigration: Reports

Muhammad Ali’s Son Detained for Hours at Florida Airport by Immigration: Reports
By Alexia Fernandez People

Muhammad Ali Jr., son of the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali, was detained by immigration officials at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for hours on Feb. 7, according to several reports.

Ali Jr., 44, was traveling with his mother, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, to Florida from a speaking engagement in Montego Bay, Jamaica, according to the Courier-Journal.
Keith E. Smith, a spokesman for the Florida division of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, declined to comment on the incident, writing in a statement to PEOPLE: “Due to the restrictions of the Privacy Act, U.S. Customs and Border Protection cannot discuss individual travelers; however, all international travelers arriving in the U.S. are subject to CBP inspection.”
Mancini claimed that officials held and questioned Ali Jr. for nearly two hours, repeatedly asking him, “Where did you get your name from?” and “Are you Muslim?” according to the Courier-Journal.

Camacho-Ali showed officers a photo of herself with her famous ex-husband and was not detained, the Miami New Times reported. Her son didn’t have a photo to prove his famous pedigree, even though he does hold a U.S. passport and was born in Philadelphia.
“This is an outrage,” Mancini told the New Times. “I don’t know what is going on with Mr. Trump’s claim that his ban is not religion-based. We do not discriminate in this country based on religion.”

Trump signed an executive order prohibiting travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. on Jan. 27. A federal judge in Seattle, Washington blocked the order a few days before Ali Jr.’s flight.

EDITORS NOTE: When US citizens are being asked to show their papers and a US passport is not enough you must know that the country is in trouble. First comes "show me your papers", then comes "armbands" or "stars" to further identify who you are. Then comes jail or deportation to "resettlement camps". If you think history doesn't repeat itself you are an idiot. Doesn't matter who his father is. This isn't right. Unlike George W. Bush and Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali was not a draft dodger, he was a conscientious objector. There is a huge difference. If we, the people of the United States of America, allow an ignorant, paranoid, xenophobic, rude, self-serving, totally unqualified person who had his pals in Russia rig the presidential election continue to spread hatred, racism and violence, this nation will implode. When Fascism takes over this country, it will be wrapped in our flag and carrying a cross. You can bet on it.

Friday, February 24, 2017

South Carolina man indicted for threats against Obama, Trump

South Carolina man indicted for threats against Obama, Trump

A South Carolina man has been charged with threatening then-President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump last year.

The U.S. Attorney's Office announced Tuesday that a federal grand jury had indicted 30-year-old Kipper Ken King of Spartanburg on two counts of making the threats around November 28, 2016.

No details of the threat have been released, and indictments against King don't contain any other information. If convicted on the federal charges, King could be sentenced to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

Court documents list no attorney for King. He's scheduled to make an appearance in federal court on Friday.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

LEAKED: 35 Kinds of TORTURE approved by the Trump admin.

LEAKED: 35 Kinds of TORTURE approved by the Trump admin.
By Christopher R Rice

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT accompanied by graphic photos. VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED. Many of the images are explicit and gruesome, depicting nudity, degradation, simulated sex acts and guards posing with decaying corpses.


Friday, February 17, 2017

How Much Did Russia Pay to get Donald Trump elected?

How Much Did Russia Pay to get Donald Trump elected?

Citing a Yahoo News interview with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn last July, a House committee has opened an investigation into whether President Trump’s recently resigned national security adviser received improper payments from the Russian government for a trip to Moscow in December 2015.

In an unusual bipartisan letter, House Oversight and Government Reform committee chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz and ranking minority member Rep. Elijah Cummings have asked a Washington-based speakers bureau, Leading Authorities, to turn over information on how much Flynn was paid for his attendance at a dinner celebrating the 10th anniversary of RT — the Russian-government funded news organization — where he sat at the same table as President Vladimir Putin. Flynn also sat for a 44-minute interview with RT anchor Sophie Shevardnadze, granddaughter of former Soviet foreign affairs minister Eduard Shevardnadze,  as part of the trip.

“We are attempting to determine the amount Lt. General Flynn received for his appearance, the source of the funds, and whether he may have received payments from any foreign governments for additional engagements,” Chaffetz and Cummings wrote in a letter to Mark French, the president of Leading Authorities.
As their basis for asking the question, the congressmen cited the interview Flynn gave to Yahoo News last July during the opening day of the Republican convention. In a testy exchange during the interview, Flynn first acknowledged being paid for the Dec. 2015 event.

During his Moscow talk , Flynn sat for an extended interview with Shevardnadze in which he expressed his views that the U.S. should avoid taking a confrontational posture with Russia, describing the U.S. relationship with Moscow as a “marriage.”

“The United States can’t sit there and say, ‘Russia, you’re bad,’” Flynn told the RT anchor during a 44-minute interview. “And Russia can’t sit there and say, the United States you’re bad. … This is a funny marriage we have, Russia and the United States. But it’s a marriage. What we don’t need is for that marriage to break up.”
Flynn resigned as national security adviser last Monday night after disclosures that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the possible lifting of sanctions against that country. A source close to Flynn told Yahoo News that he has confided to friends that he had multiple conversations with Kislyak  — including about talks aimed at reaching a political settlement to the Syrian civil war.

Unnamed officials are saying that the CIA has issued a secret assessment claiming that Russia not only intervened in last month’s US presidential election, but did so explicitly to get President-elect Donald Trump elected.

Trump, has said he intends to end the CIA-Saudi program arming the Syrian rebels, and focus on fighting ISIS. Trump was even said to be seeking to coordinate anti-ISIS operations with Russia.

The CIA allegations could easily imperil that plan, as so long as the allegations remain part of the public discourse, evidence or not, anything Trump does with respect to Russia is going to have a black cloud hanging over it.

The Trump transition team issued a statement mocking the allegations, noting “these are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”

(How to) Beat a Bully (for Dummies)

(How to) Beat a Bully (for Dummies)
By Christopher R Rice

Does Your Husband Beat You? Are you being picked on at school?

Do you know why guys get away with domestic violence? Or why bullies get away with it? Because their victims are cowering in the corner afraid to say anything. So then the bully gets to go around telling his side of the story, making the victim look like the bad guy. And in the "land of the free" and the "home of the brave" is there any justice for the victims?

Some bullies go to jail and some are forced into some court ordered rehab. But what about the victims? The victims are now homeless. If the bread winner goes to jail and goes to classes. The victim in America remains the victim. While the bully keeps right on being a bully. God Bless America.

Does Your Husband Cheat On You?

A married man goes to a strip club, its okay. A married man has a large porno collection it's okay. A married man carries on with his secretary and hey, men will be men, right? But if a women cheats, she's a slut.

Bullies don't understand reasoning. You can't love violence. But in America we are even forced to live among pedophiles. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was allowed to go on national television and defend his war crimes. In a decent society you would take people like that out, with the rest of the trash. You wouldn't allow them to continue to hurt your loved ones, would you? Only in America.

If you are tired of being a victim, stop cowering in the corner. Stop being a victim and meet violence with extreme violence.

Let the victims band together and stand up against their bullies since no one else will.

Stand up, since the bullies get to go on national media to spread their lies. I say that for every lie they tell, we tell a thousand truths.

The only way to stop violence is with extreme violence.

As I said you can't reason with a bully. So when he becomes violent and he will. You must meet his violence with extreme violence. And you must call it self defense, because repeat after me, "you were in fear for your life". He said that he would kill you and you believed him. Now that you know your defense, line up your witnesses. More than likely, this guy has bullied other people too, he pry threatened them as well. At least that's what a good witness might say.

Next is the fight. Listen to me real carefully. A bully does not care if he is twice your size. Which means he does not fight fair. Which means all bets are off the table. Throw sand in his eyes, poke his eyes out with your thumbs, pull his hair, bite him, bring a gun to a knife fight. It does not matter how you win.

Do not under any circumstances leave your opponent breathing. This may be your only chance to keep him from hurting others. Break bones, fingers, ribs, lungs, the spleen, whatever you can. No one will care how you fought only that you won. And in a court of law, it is your word against his, so make sure he is not breathing any more. And can not testify against you.

If you are still cowering in the corner take your sorry ass to the free legal advice. Take that piece of shit to court and get paid. It's called alimony bitches and it hurts just as much as that black eye he gave you if not more.

In America cops beat their wives four times more than the national average. In America, a woman is raped every two minutes and every six minutes that victim is a child. Only in America. Stop being a victim and fight back. Next time some fat ugly pig tries to grope you without your permission I say cut his hands off. Bet he won't try that shit again.

FBI: White supremacist bought gun for Dylann Roof-style attack

FBI: White supremacist bought gun for Dylann Roof-style attack
By Christopher R Rice

What are white folks doing for fun these days? To celebrate their victory over removing that jungle bunny from office three KKK members sat up drinking in one of their own garages and at 3am they decided to stab each other.

Related article: KKK Leaders Arrested For Stabbing Fellow Klansman Before Donald Trump Victory Parade

Last week the head of the KKK turned up missing only to be found with a gun shot to his head by his own wife and son. Today the FBI has arrested another crazy cracker who got granny to loan him a hundred dollars so he could buy a rifle and shoot up a bunch of black folks, Dylan Roof style.

Related article: Wife, stepson charged with murder in death of Missouri KKK leader

Dylan thought his action would set off a race war. How'd that work for ya?

Aren't you the same idiots that listen to Alex Jones and said that Obama would declare martial law and stay a third term? White people are so fucking stupid, nah more like retards.

Related article: President Obama, martial law and not leaving the White House in 2016

Lets go to for the full report:

A man with a felony record in South Carolina purchased a gun from an undercover FBI agent with the intention of carrying out an attack in "the spirit of Dylann Roof," authorities said Thursday.

Benjamin McDowell, 29, who had allegedly become affiliated with white supremacist gangs during his time in prison, purchased a .40 caliber Glock handgun and ammunition, according to an affidavit filed by FBI agent Grant Lowe.
According to the complaint, McDowell was arrested in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina shortly after purchasing the weapon and charged as a felon in possession of a firearm.
The agent said that McDowell had made unspecified threats, once telling Lowe that he might shoot at a gathering of black people.
Authorities began investigating McDowell in December after he threatened a local synagogue on Facebook. Several days later, he again posted to Facebook, complaining that white supremacists were often unwilling to act on their convictions.
"All they wanne (sic) do is stay loaded on drugs the Jews put here to destroy white man and they feast on the drugs. they should be Feasting on the enemy that stole their Heritage and their bloodline and trying to run us off of this Earth," McDowell wrote. "if you ain't got the heart to fight for Yahweh like dylann roof did, you need to shut the f--- up."
On or about Jan. 6, 2017, according to the complaint, McDowell had requested an "iron," a code word for a gun, over Facebook Instant Messenger.
Court records show that since 2008, McDowell's criminal record included charges for assault and burglary. It also said local authorities had kept tabs on him prior to December because of the alleged white supremacist connections he had made in prison.
Dylann Roof was sentence to death last month for the 2015 massacre of 9 black worshipers at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Immigrant workers, families to protest by staying home

Immigrant workers, families to protest by staying home
By Christopher R Rice

I think the organizers are missing the big picture here. Most of the citizens of the US are descendants of immigrants and most are descendants of legal immigrants. It is those who are here illegally that are of concern and it is their status that needs to be addressed. So yes, tell the illegals to stay home. And while you are at it tell your congressman and senators to get off their fat stooped worthless asses and pass some immigration law that we can all live with that will keep the nation secure.

Contrary to what the left and press are telling are here illegally. I would bet the MSM doesn't see anything wrong with breaking the law as long as it benefits their cause whatever that may be, I don't know maybe hatred for Trump or love for the chosen one Hillary.

They did that a few years back here in L.A., (Day without an immigrant 2006) kind of backfired because nobody missed them.

READ MORE- Make America Great again

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Michigan teachers filmed playing 'F**k, Marry, Kill' about their special needs students

Parents Outraged After Michigan School Teachers Caught Playing ‘Kill, F***, Marry’ Game About Teenage Students
By Christopher R Rice

Six months ago an autistic student wrote me about his teachers and how he was being tortured, restrained and told to commit suicide among other horrors, I published his story HERE. When a teacher saw the story on Facebook they reported it and had it removed. The article is now blocked by Facebook as inappropriate.

I also published follow-up articles on restraints being used in US public schools HERE, how those same restraints lead to American children being murdered by their teachers HERE.

And now this...

Parents are furious and demanding answers from the school board in Bangor, Mich. after a video surfaced of a group of its teachers making inappropriate comments about killing and having sexual relations with their students, including one with special needs.

A group of seven staff members from Bangor High School, including multiple teachers, were recorded naming students that they would kill, f***, and marry as part of a game in a Michigan bar, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

In the clip, a woman can be heard saying: "Oh, I would f**k [student's name]" while a man says: "I would totally marry [student's name] because she likes the Tigers [a sports team] and she never even brought up that I was wasted on the bus trip... she can keep secrets."

Two teachers and the secretary to the school's superintendent have now resigned and the school says it is taking no further action.

EDITORS NOTE: So what happens next? “Nothing,” “The discipline is in the file.” Nonsense! Fire these dirt bags.

What happens next? Every parent needs to yank their kid from “school.” That’s what. READ MORE: HERE

Why Are Liberals such Pussies

Why Are Liberals such Pussies
By Christopher R Rice

Hi, I was reading other peoples comments when some conservative suggested that the other commenters should support the president and not hope for his failure. Hum, seems to me that the conservatives did everything they could to discredit Obama and not support him.

Didn't conservatives sue Obama to see his birth certificate? So why haven't liberals sued to see Trumps tax returns? Didn't conservatives claim Obama was from Kenya and a Muslim? Why let Trump off so easy? Trump is such an easy target and yet Democrats are not on the attack, at least not how conservatives were with Obama/Clinton/Carter.

STOP being so polite and nice. Do unto others as they have done unto you. Obama could not pass one piece of legislation for the last six years because republicans blocked everything. They wouldn't even allow his supreme court nomination for a whole twelve months. Now we get a Nazi in the Supreme court and liberals are not doing a gawd damn thing about it. You make me sick. You act like a little bitch. Why do liberals act like such pussies?

From the Business Insider:

Trump made clear during his election campaign that he revered Putin's leadership of Russia, and he made a direct public appeal to the Kremlin during a news conference in July asking it to find damaging information on his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton.

A classified dossier on Trump originally compiled as political opposition research, which had been making the rounds in Washington since last year, contained unverified details of supposed associations between Trump and Russia. US officials on Friday said some elements in the 35-page document had indeed proved accurate.

Trump and his surrogates have called the document "fake and fictitious."

Dear liberals, what is worse, being a Muslim or a Communist? Help me remove this piece of garbage...

General Strike to Remove Donald J Trump

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

US official: Russia deployed missile in violation of treaty

US official: Russia deployed missile in violation of treaty
By Robert Burns and Christopher R Rice Associated Press

President Trump requested Michael Flynn’s resignation after a weekslong review of his contacts with a Russian diplomat led Trump to conclude he could no longer trust his national security adviser, the White House said Tuesday. But the internal investigation, led by Trump’s government lawyer, found that Flynn hadn’t violated the law.

“The evolving and eroding level of trust as a result of this situation and a series of other questionable instances is what led the president to ask for Gen. Flynn’s resignation,” press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters.

The Obama administration three years ago accused the Russians of violating the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty by developing and testing the prohibited cruise missile, and officials had anticipated that Moscow eventually would deploy it. Russia denies that it has violated the INF treaty.

U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that the missile became operational late last year, said an administration official, who wasn't authorized to publicly discuss the matter and demanded anonymity.

So, we are about twenty days into Trump's reign. Iran, North Korea, and now Russia have all launched missiles. And, oh yeah, Trump insulted and probably alienated Australia. The list goes on and on. We know you Republicans hated Hillary, but this is why we could not vote for Trump. He needs to be impeached and hopefully it happens before he gets us into a nuclear war.

Time to show Putin who is in charge! I'll bet Trump sends his most angry tweet yet... that will teach Putin to mess with us.

"Russia's deployment of nuclear-tipped ground-launched cruise missiles in violation of the INF treaty is a significant military threat to U.S. forces in Europe and our NATO allies," McCain, R-Ariz., said in a statement Tuesday. He said Russian President Vladimir Putin was "testing" Trump.

President Trump unleashed a Tweetstorm Thursday in response to Sen. John McCain’s calling a recent U.S.-led raid against al-Qaida in Yemen a failure. At Wednesday’s daily press briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said McCain should apologize for his comments.

The Russians feel emboldened because of their relationship with Trump. They own Trump and that's just a fact. We're all doomed. The End is coming soon. Trump is going to get us all killed. I believe that this man is pure evil, the Antichrist.

Trump's White House is in a difficult moment, with no national security adviser following the forced resignation Monday night of Michael Flynn. He is accused of misleading Vice President Mike Pence about contacts with a Russian diplomat while President Barack Obama was still in office.

Meanwhile, a U.S. defense official said Tuesday that a Russian intelligence-collection ship has been operating off the U.S. east coast, in international waters. The official was not authorized to discuss an intelligence matter and so spoke on condition of anonymity. The ship had made a port call in Cuba prior to moving north, where it has been monitored off the coast of Delaware, the official said.

The New York Times, which was first to report the missile deployment, said the Russians have two battalions of the prohibited cruise missile. One is at a missile test site at Kapustin Yar and one was moved in December from the test site to an operational base elsewhere in the country.

The State Department wouldn't confirm the report. It noted that last year it reported Russia was in violation of its treaty obligations not to possess, produce or flight-test a ground-launched cruise missile with a range of between 500 and 5,500 kilometers, or to possess or produce launchers for such missiles.

"The administration is undertaking an extensive review of Russia's ongoing INF treaty violation in order to assess the potential security implications for the United States and its allies and partners," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said.
John Tierney, executive director of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, said strategic stability on the European continent is at stake.

Sen. Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, sees little reason for the U.S. to continue adhering to the INF treaty, in light of Russia's violations. He has recommended building up U.S. nuclear forces in Europe, which currently include about 200 bombs that can be delivered by aircraft. The U.S. withdrew land-based nuclear-armed missiles from Europe as part of the INF deal.

The treaty has special significance in the recent history of arms control agreements. Signed in December 1987 by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, it has been credited with helping accelerate an end to the Cold War and lessening the danger of nuclear confrontation. It stands as the only arms treaty to eliminate an entire class of U.S. and Russian weapons — nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles of intermediate range.

This is all part of making "America Great Again". While Trump signs deregulation bills for his rich cronies three countries have fired missiles breaking treaties. And all Trump continues to do is throw away regulations on Wall Street. My God. What have we done?

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Endless War = Endless Profits

The Great Game (China)

Wife, stepson charged with murder in death of Missouri KKK leader

Wife, stepson charged with murder in death of Missouri KKK leader

The wife of Frank Ancona, a Ku Klux Klan leader who had been missing for several days and was found dead on a Missouri riverbank yesterday, has been charged with murder, along with her son, according to local authorities.

Malissa Ancona, 44, was arrested Sunday evening on a first-degree murder charge and is being held without bond at the St. Francois County Jail, Deputy Jason Chandler of the St. Francois County Sheriff's Department told ABC News.

Malissa Ancona's 24-year-old son, Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr., was arrested today and charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse, Chandler added. Jinkerson is also being held without bond.

It is unclear if either suspect has obtained an attorney. Initial court appearances have not yet been scheduled, Chandler said.

Frank Ancona, 51, who was a self-proclaimed imperial wizard of a KKK chapter near St. Louis, according to a website promoting the group, was found dead by members of a family who went to the Big River in Missouri to go fishing, according to Daily Journal, a local newspaper.

An autopsy today revealed that he had a gunshot wound to the head, according to Daily Journal.

Ancona was last seen going to work on Wednesday morning by his wife, Daily Journal reported.

Malissa Ancona, who spoke to ABC News briefly yesterday afternoon before her arrest, describes herself on social media as a self-employed volunteer at a local animal rescue.

She married Frank Ancona in December 2010, according to her Facebook account.

According to Daily Journal, Malissa Ancona told officers that Frank Ancona said he was leaving to go out of state on a job and that he would be filing for divorce after he returned.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office in Missouri referred ABC News yesterday to a statement about Ancona's death on its Facebook page.

"On Friday the Washington County Sheriff's Office learned of the disappearance of Frank Ancona, who was missing from Leadwood, Missouri. During this time, we were also informed Mr. Ancona's vehicle had been located by a United States Federal Forest Service employee on Federal Forest Service property," Sheriff Zach Jacobsen said in the statement.

Jacobsen said his office reached out to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for help with the case on Ancona's disappearance. During the investigation that followed, he said, one subject was arrested on an unrelated warrant, and two search warrants were executed in Washington County.

The Washington County Corner's Office identified Ancona's body during the autopsy, Jacobsen said.

"The Washington County Sheriff's Office would like to extend our sympathy to Mr. Ancona's family and friends. I would like to thank the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and the St. Francois County Sheriff's Office for their assistance and professionalism during this tragic and senseless act of violence. I would also like to thank my staff for the professionalism and dedication they show day in and day out for our great community and to the citizens of Missouri," the statement concluded.
Ancona previously participated in interviews with the media, speaking on behalf of the Ku Klux Klan. In 2014 he appeared on the MSNBC show "All In With Chris Hayes" and defended fliers that the Klan distributed during the protests that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, that year. The fliers threatened "lethal force" against "terrorists masquerading as 'peaceful protesters.'"

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KKK in your local PD

Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump's official inauguration poster has glaring typo

Trump's official inauguration poster has glaring typo
By Jennifer Calfas

President Trump's official inauguration portrait offered by the Library of Congress had a glaring typo on it, social media users pointed out Sunday evening.

The print of Trump, which was sold on the Library of Congress's website, includes a quote from the president - but misspells "too" as "to."

"No dream is too big, no challenge is to great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach," the quote reads on the poster.

The page selling the print was removed Sunday evening at some point between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m.

On the original page, the Library of Congress described the print as one that "captures the essence of Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency of the United States."

Social media users were quick to point out the error.

The error comes after the Department of Education misspelled author and civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois's name in a tweet earlier on Sunday.

KKK 'imperial wizard' found dead on a Missouri riverbank

KKK 'imperial wizard' found dead on a Missouri riverbank

The body of a Ku Klux Klan leader who had been missing for several days was found on a Missouri riverbank, according to police.

Frank Ancona, who was a 51-year-old self-proclaimed imperial wizard of a KKK chapter near St. Louis, according to a website promoting the group, was found dead by a family who had gone to the Big River in Missouri to go fishing, according to Daily Journal, a local newspaper.

Ancona was last seen heading for work on Wednesday morning by his wife, the Daily Journal reported.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office referred ABC News to a statement about Ancona's death on their Facebook page.

"On Friday the Washington County Sheriff's Office learned of the disappearance of Frank Ancona who was missing from Leadwood Missouri. During this time, we were also informed Mr. Ancona's vehicle had been located by a United States Federal Forest Service employee on Federal Forest Service Property," the statement, which is attributed to Sheriff Zach Jacobsen, begins.

Jacobsen said that his office reached out to Missouri State Highway Patrol for help with the case on Ancona's disappearance. During the investigation that followed, he said, one subject was arrested on an unrelated warrant and two search warrants were executed in Washington County, Missouri.

After the body was found, it was taken by the Washington County Corner's Office for an autopsy, where it was identified as Ancona, Jacobsen said.

A cause of death has not been released at this time, Jacobsen said. EDITORS NOTE: They pry don't want to admit that he was stabbed to death by family and friends.

"The Washington County Sheriff's Office would like to extend our sympathy to Mr. Ancona's family and friends. I would like to thank the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Franklin County Sheriff"s Office and the Saint Francois County Sheriff's Office for their assistance and professionalism during this tragic and senseless act of violence. I would also like to thank my staff for the professionalism and dedication they show day in and day out for our great community, and to the citizens of Missouri," the statement concludes.

Ancona had conducted interviews with media, speaking on behalf of the Klu Klux Klan in the past.

In 2014, he appeared on the MSNBC show "All In" with Chris Hayes, in which he defended fliers that the Klan distributed during the protests that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, that year.

The fliers threatened "lethal force" against "terrorists masquerading as 'peaceful protesters.'"

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KKK in your local PD

Evacuation orders for nearly 200K amid flood worries

Evacuation orders for nearly 200K amid flood worries

The evacuation was ordered Sunday afternoon after engineers spotted a hole on the concrete lip of the secondary spillway for the 770-foot-tall Oroville Dam and told authorities that it could fail within the hour.

"I'm just shocked," said Greg Levias, who was evacuating with his wife, Kaysi, two boys and a dog.

What they couldn't fit in their trunk they piled as high as they could in their downstairs Yuba City apartment and joined the line of traffic attempting to leave the city where they had moved just three weeks ago.

Panicked and angry residents sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic hours after the evacuation order was given.

Raj Gill was managing a Shell station where anxious motorists got gas and snacks while waiting for gridlocked traffic to clear. His boss told him to close the station and flee himself, but he stayed open to feed a steady line of customers.

"You can't even move," he said. "I'm trying to get out of here too. I'm worried about the flooding. I've seen the pictures — that's a lot of water."

A  Red Cross spokeswoman said more than 500 people were at an evacuation center in Chino, California. The shelter had run out of blankets and cots, and a semi-tractor trailer with 1,000 more cots was stuck in the gridlock of traffic fleeing the potential flooding, said Red Cross shelter manager Pam Deditch.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman said they would have two planes out Monday to help with traffic control as well as search and rescue.

State Fire and Rescue Chief Kim Zagaris said at least 250 law enforcement officers from throughout the state are in the area or on their way to help with the evacuation.

Late Sunday, officials said the evacuation orders remained in place despite the fact water was no longer spilling over the eroded area.
"There is still a lot of unknowns," Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said at a news conference. "We need to continue to lower the lake levels and we need to give the Department of Water Resources time to fully evaluate the situation so we can make the decision to whether or not it is safe to repopulate the area."
About 188,000 residents of Yuba, Sutter and Butte counties were ordered to evacuate.

Acting Director Department of Water Resources Bill Croyle said officials will be able to assess the damage to the emergency spillway now that the lake levels have been lowered.

The erosion at the head of the emergency spillway threatens to undermine the concrete weir and allow large, uncontrolled releases of water from Lake Oroville. Those potential flows could overwhelm the Feather River and other downstream waterways, channels and levees and flood towns in three counties.

Oroville Lake levels had decreased by Sunday night as they let water flow from its heavily damaged main spillway.

Croyle said the department will continue releasing as much as 100,000 cubic feet per second from the main spillway to try and reduce the dam's level by 50 feet ahead of storms forecast to reach the area Wednesday.
Department engineer and spokesman Kevin Dossey told the Sacramento Bee the emergency spillway was rated to handle 250,000 cubic feet per second, but it began to show weakness Sunday after flows peaked at 12,600 cubic feet per second.
Honea said there was a plan to plug the hole by using helicopters to drop rocks into the crevasse. But Croyle said at that no repair work was done after officials looked at the flow and available resources.

Gov. Jerry Brown late Sunday issued an emergency order to fortify authorities' response to the emergency at the dam and help with evacuations.

Adjutant General David S. Baldwin of the California National Guard said at a news conference late Sunday that eight helicopters will be available Monday to assist with emergency spillway reconstruction.

The California National Guard put out a notification to all 23,000 soldiers and airmen to be ready to deploy if needed, he said. Baldwin says an alert for the entire California National Guard hadn't been issued since the 1992 riots.

Earlier Sunday, officials stressed the Oroville Dam itself was structurally sound.
Unexpected erosion chewed through the main spillway during heavy rain earlier this week, sending chunks of concrete flying and creating a 200-foot-long, 30-foot-deep hole that continues growing.

Engineers don't know what caused the cave-in, but Chris Orrock, a Department of Water Resources spokesman, said it appears the dam's main spillway has stopped crumbling even though it's being used for water releases.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trump on ICE raids: ‘Merely the keeping of my campaign promise’

Trump on ICE raids: ‘Merely the keeping of my campaign promise’
By Dylan Stableford

#NotMyPresident Trump says the raids carried out by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency last week are simply part of his campaign promise to crack down on “illegal criminals.”
“The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise,” Trump tweeted early Sunday. “Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!"

U.S. immigration officials confirmed that hundreds of undocumented immigrants were arrested last week in at least six states.

In Los Angeles, David Marin, head of ICE’s local removal operations, told reporters that the agency had made approximately 160 arrests, and that roughly 75 percent of those arrested had prior felony convictions. But Marin said some of the undocumented immigrants netted in the raids did not, stoking fear and panic among those living in immigrant communities.

In Texas, where there were a flurry of arrests in cities such as San Antonio and Austin, Rep. Joaquin Castro said he is “asking ICE to clarify whether these individuals are in fact dangerous, violent threats to our communities, and not people who are here peacefully raising families and contributing to our state."

The raids were the first large-scale enforcement carried out under Trump’s Jan. 25 executive order that broadened the scope of powers given to ICE agents to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the U.S.

During his presidential campaign, Trump vowed to triple the number of ICE deportation officers.

“I am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America who have evaded justice,” Trump said last August. “Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation. That is what it means to have laws and to have a country. Otherwise we don’t have a country.”

Amnesty International said the recent ICE raids raise “grave human rights concerns.”

“It is a violation of human rights to tear families apart through deportation,” Amnesty International executive director Margaret Huang said in a statement. “We call for an immediate pause in these raids and a suspension of this executive order in order to ensure that people’s human rights are protected.”

ICE officials contend the raids aren’t raids at all, but “targeted enforcement actions.”

Meanwhile, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sent an open letter to ICE acting director Thomas Homan demanding a meeting to “discuss the impact these raids have had on our communities.”

“These raids have struck fear in the hearts of the immigrant community as many fear that President Trump’s promised ‘deportation force’ is now in full-swing,” the lawmakers wrote. “It is critical that our constituents have clarity on ICE operations. … Without this guidance, our communities will be paralyzed as students will remain home from school, parents will be afraid to leave children alone and our local economies will be irreparably damaged.”

“Right now there are enforcement actions happening all over this country in which gang members, drug dealers, sex offenders are being swept up,” Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy advisor, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

But Miller declined to say whether the president believes that if the only crime an undocumented immigrant committed is living in the U.S. illegally was enough to justify deportation.

“An immigration judge makes those decisions,” Miller said. “An ICE officer makes those decisions. I and the White House don’t make those decisions.”

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump administration signals change in policy for transgender students

Trump administration signals change in policy for transgender students
By Sandhya Somashekhar, Moriah Balingit, The Washington Post

The Trump administration signaled Friday that it was changing course on the previous administration’s efforts to expand transgender rights, submitting a legal brief withdrawing the government’s objections to an injunction that had blocked guidance requiring that transgender students be allowed to use restrooms that match their gender identity.

The move by the Justice Department does not immediately change the situation for the nation’s public schools, as a federal judge had already put a temporary hold on the guidance as a lawsuit by a dozen states moved through the courts.

But it suggests that the Trump administration will take a different approach on the hotly contested issue of transgender rights, which many conservatives thought went too far under the Obama administration.

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And how the Trump administration decides to proceed on the particular issue of transgender students and bathroom use would affect several other cases in which students are challenging their school districts’ policies, including one involving Virginia student Gavin Grimm, which is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court later this spring.

The brief, filed in the Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, came as part of a long-running lawsuit by 12 states opposed to Education Department guidance issued last year directing the nation’s public schools to allow transgender ­students to use the bathroom of their choice. The Obama ­administration took the position that barring the students from ­bathrooms that matched their gender identity was a violation of Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in public schools.

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor had sided with the states and issued a temporary injunction blocking the guidance last year. The Obama administration appealed the decision and asked that the injunction apply only to those 12 states. Arguments in the case were scheduled to be heard Tuesday in Austin.

But the Justice Department and the suing states said in a joint brief Friday that they were ­withdrawing that request. The brief asked the court to cancel arguments, explaining that “the parties are currently considering how best to proceed in this ­appeal.”

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The request was immediately granted, according to Equality Case Files, a nonprofit organization that provides legal updates on cases related to gay and transgender rights.

The decision drew immediate criticism from gay and transgender rights groups.

“Transgender students are ­entitled to the full protection of the United States Constitution and our federal non­discrimination laws,” Chad Griffin, ­president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement. “It is heartbreaking and wrong that the agency tasked with enforcing civil rights laws would instead work to subvert them for political interests. President Trump must immediately reverse course and direct the DOJ to uphold ­guidance protecting transgender students.”

That the Trump administration would reverse course on the previous administration’s efforts on behalf of transgender people is not exactly a surprise.

In an interview last May with The Washington Post, Donald Trump, then the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president, said it was important to protect the rights of transgender people but thought the decision of how to direct schools to deal with transgender students was best left up to the states.

“I don’t think so, because you’ve got to protect all people, even though it’s a tiny percentage of 1 percent,” Trump said. “I think from that standpoint, [states] should come up with a policy that’s going to work for everybody and protect people.”

He repeatedly said during the interview he thought most states would “make the right decisions.”

Grimm, a senior at Gloucester High in Gloucester, Va., sued his school board two years ago after it barred him from the boys’ ­bathroom. In April, the Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit sided with Grimm, deferring to the Obama administration’s position that barring transgender ­students from bathrooms that align with their gender identity is sex discrimination.

The school board appealed the case to the Supreme Court, which is scheduled to hear arguments in March.

But it is unclear what will happen if the administration’s position on transgender students rights changes. Joshua Block of the American Civil Liberties Union, who is representing Grimm, said he believes the case still has grounds to move ­forward. But Francisco Negron Jr., chief legal officer for the ­National School Boards ­Association, said late last year that he is skeptical.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Americans Renouncing Citizenship at Record High

Americans Renouncing Citizenship at Record High
By Suzanne Woolley

The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship rose to a new record of 5,411 last year, up 26 percent from 2015, according to the latest government data.


It all goes back to the Civil War, and to a tax meant to deter potential draft dodgers from leaving the U.S. Today, the goal is to make sure that all of the income of U.S. citizens, whether they live and work in the U.S. or not, is reported to the Internal Revenue Service.
The rules got trickier in 2010, when, in an effort to cut down on tax evasion, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (fabulously, Fatca, for short) was passed into law. It basically said foreign institutions holding assets for U.S. citizens had to report the accounts or withhold a 30 percent tax on them if the information wasn't provided. That led some foreign banks to shy away from opening accounts for expats.

Since Fatca came into being, annual totals for Americans renouncing citizenship have reached their four highest historic levels, as shown in the chart below from Andrew Mitchel LLC and its International Tax Blog.
Among the names on the 2016 list of those bidding adieu to the U.S. and its tax code was the U.K.'s foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, who was born in New York. Boldface names from years past (some really past) include the torch song master Josephine Baker, the actor Yul Brynner, the great soprano Maria Callas, businessmen Kenneth and Robert Dart, investor Mark Mobius, and Eduardo Saverin, a co-founder of Facebook.

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The target of the US military raid in Yemen is still alive, and he mocked Trump in an audio recording

The target of last week's military raid in Yemen not only is still alive but has released an audio recording mocking President Donald Trump.

Military and intelligence officials told NBC News on Monday that the goal of the Navy SEAL operation was to capture or kill Qassim al-Rimi, the head of Al Qaeda's Yemeni affiliate. The raid claimed the lives of 14 Qaeda fighters, at least two dozen civilians, and US serviceman William "Ryan" Owens — but al-Rimi remains alive in Yemen, NBC News reported.

Failed to get our target, service members killed and injured, killed scores of women and children, destroyed an aircraft, and wiped out a village ...

... SUCCESS!! ...

... dumbasses.

Angry at the civilian casualties incurred last month in the first commando raid authorized by President Trump, Yemen has withdrawn permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terrorist groups in the country, according to American officials.

....The raid stirred immediate outrage among Yemeni government officials, some of whom accused the Trump administration of not fully consulting with them before the mission. Within 24 hours of the assault on a cluster of houses in a tiny village in mountainous central Yemen, the country’s foreign minister, Abdul Malik Al Mekhlafi, condemned the raid in a post on his official Twitter account as “extrajudicial killings.”


Al-Rimi released an audio recording on Sunday in which he mentioned the raid and called Trump "the goat of the White House," according to NBC News, which authenticated the tape with military sources.

According to Fox News, al-Rimi also identified by name 25 purported victims of the attack.

It wasn't clear whether al-Rimi was at the scene of the raid, according to the report, which said the prospect of killing al-Rimi persuaded US officials to carry out the mission.

The White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, last week called the raid "very, very well thought out and executed" and "a successful operation by all standards."

"The fool of the White House got slapped at the beginning of his road in your lands," he reportedly said.

Some critics of the raid have directed their ire toward Trump. Military officials told Reuters last week that Trump authorized the mission without sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations. The White House has rejected that account, however, noting that plans for the strike began months ago under the Obama administration.


EDITORS NOTE: I guess the three writers that wrote those two articles and pry everyone else in America but myself seems to have missed one very important point, which is, why is it wherever the US military goes there are massive civilian casualties? What are we teaching our young men that they can not fight honorably? Why is there no honor in the US military? Remember Iraq? Blackwater? Afghanistan? Vietnam?

The American military are baby killers. I have no respect for baby killers.

We teach kids in our military to be very paranoid, if they hear a sound, we teach them not to inspect, but to simply spray it with bullets, that way you will come home. Then when these racist crackers come home we put them in our local police forces where they kill even more civilians. And then we give them a paid vacation. God bless America.

So what do you suppose we are doing in Yemen? Oh right, 'policeman of the world', right? Has nothing to do with rape and plunder, like every world power before us, oh no, we special, we racist crackers just come to lend a good hand, right? Gawd, Americans are a bunch of fucking idiots. Fuck America and that dumb cracker you put in the White House. Fuck you and your children. I hope someone shoots you and your whole family just like the US military does the whole world over. What comes around goes around bytch.

Here's a clue what we are doing in Yemen..
Wal-Mart, Red Lobster are selling shrimp peeled by slaves 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

31 people voted twice in Michigan election

31 people voted twice in Michigan election
By Ed White, Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) — At least 31 people could face criminal charges after voting twice in Michigan in the fall election, an official said Thursday.

Separately, the state Bureau of Elections said human error, not fraud or equipment failure, caused mismatches between the number of ballots cast in some Detroit precincts and the number of voters.

The agency's investigation followed a partial statewide recount of the presidential race, which raised questions about the safeguarding of ballots in Detroit. A judge stopped the recount after three days, although officials said it would not have changed President Donald Trump's slim victory in Michigan over Hillary Clinton.

Before the recount was halted, there was an attempt to recount ballots in 263 Detroit precincts. But 68 precincts didn't qualify because the number of ballots didn't match the number of people who showed up to vote.

Some ballots, for example, were left in a tub below an electronic tabulator and not transferred to a secure box on election night. In one polling place, there were 300 voters but only 50 properly sealed ballots.
While many precincts couldn't be part of the recount, all ballots cast on Nov. 8 still were part of the final official result.
"There was no pervasive fraud in our audit of Detroit," said state elections director Chris Thomas, who instead cited "widespread performance issues" related to a lack of sufficient training for poll workers.

He said his elections staff looked at 136 precincts and was able to balance the number of ballots and voters in 65 and greatly reduce mismatches in others.

Thomas also reported that 31 Michigan residents voted twice, first with an absentee ballot and then in person. Their names were turned over to the attorney general's office for possible prosecution. Voting twice, or even attempting to do so, is a felony.

"It's not acceptable," Thomas said.

Fourteen of the 31 were in Detroit. Officials believe Detroit poll workers didn't catch the double votes because they weren't given an updated list of voters who had used an absentee ballot.

It's not known which candidate got the votes. Ballots are anonymous.
"There are processes in place to stop this. In these 31 cases, they didn't work," Thomas said.

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The President of the United States of America is married to a Hooker

The President of the United States of America is married to a Hooker
By Christopher R Rice

Becoming a writer has been the worst mistake of my life. How much hypocrisy can one person stand? This Alice in Wonderland reality we're all being forced to live by is like some George Orwell 1984. Have you seen that the presidents wife is suing the DailMail for reporting on her being a former escort? She claims a loss of income due to allegations in this article but Brad Pitt was outed as an escort and it hasn't stopped him from earning a living. Even Nancy Reagan was known to sell some tail before she became famous, but she was still able to make a buck or two, without a lawsuit.

Then I report about an Army interrogator that says that torture cost American lives, Cheney lied, duh. But now there's another crazy cracker in the White House that wants to torture woman and children. And I wonder would it be poetic justice to kidnap American children on their way to school and put bamboo under their finger nails the same way the CIA does to children all around the world? The CIA, if you missed my reporting admits to kidnapping and holding children at Gitmo. The CIA also admits to torturing children and that, um, about 22% of detainees were innocent. I use to dig up the links for you but since you refuse to pay me for my work I've quit being so nice.

Now I'm expected to not only work for free but be accused of making shit up. Chris does not have to make shit up, shit's fucked up enough by itself. Our government admits to war crimes, torture, drones, why the fuck would I need to make shit up. I just report on the shit that they admit to. No need to fabricate, no need for conspiracy theories, the shit they admit to is enough to put them on trial like the one Saddam got. But my fellow American are all boot lickers, ass kissers, left wing apologist or right wing lunatics. God bless America and Alice in Wonderland too. It's like some bad acid trip where the priest rape little boys, teachers sleep with their students, cops are all criminals, politicians are all crooked and the first lady is a hooker.

Former military interrogator Matthew Alexander refutes Dick Cheney's claim that torture saved American lives.

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WARNING GRAPHIC CONENT: Confidential State Department Cable Released by WikiLeaks “DETAINEES WERE RAPED” see video below