(How to) Beat a Bully (for Dummies)

(How to) Beat a Bully (for Dummies)
By Christopher R Rice

Does Your Husband Beat You? Are you being picked on at school?

Do you know why guys get away with domestic violence? Or why bullies get away with it? Because their victims are cowering in the corner afraid to say anything. So then the bully gets to go around telling his side of the story, making the victim look like the bad guy. And in the "land of the free" and the "home of the brave" is there any justice for the victims?

Some bullies go to jail and some are forced into some court ordered rehab. But what about the victims? The victims are now homeless. If the bread winner goes to jail and goes to classes. The victim in America remains the victim. While the bully keeps right on being a bully. God Bless America.

Does Your Husband Cheat On You?

A married man goes to a strip club, its okay. A married man has a large porno collection it's okay. A married man carries on with his secretary and hey, men will be men, right? But if a women cheats, she's a slut.

Bullies don't understand reasoning. You can't love violence. But in America we are even forced to live among pedophiles. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was allowed to go on national television and defend his war crimes. In a decent society you would take people like that out, with the rest of the trash. You wouldn't allow them to continue to hurt your loved ones, would you? Only in America.

If you are tired of being a victim, stop cowering in the corner. Stop being a victim and meet violence with extreme violence.

Let the victims band together and stand up against their bullies since no one else will.

Stand up, since the bullies get to go on national media to spread their lies. I say that for every lie they tell, we tell a thousand truths.

The only way to stop violence is with extreme violence.

As I said you can't reason with a bully. So when he becomes violent and he will. You must meet his violence with extreme violence. And you must call it self defense, because repeat after me, "you were in fear for your life". He said that he would kill you and you believed him. Now that you know your defense, line up your witnesses. More than likely, this guy has bullied other people too, he pry threatened them as well. At least that's what a good witness might say.

Next is the fight. Listen to me real carefully. A bully does not care if he is twice your size. Which means he does not fight fair. Which means all bets are off the table. Throw sand in his eyes, poke his eyes out with your thumbs, pull his hair, bite him, bring a gun to a knife fight. It does not matter how you win.

Do not under any circumstances leave your opponent breathing. This may be your only chance to keep him from hurting others. Break bones, fingers, ribs, lungs, the spleen, whatever you can. No one will care how you fought only that you won. And in a court of law, it is your word against his, so make sure he is not breathing any more. And can not testify against you.

If you are still cowering in the corner take your sorry ass to the free legal advice. Take that piece of shit to court and get paid. It's called alimony bitches and it hurts just as much as that black eye he gave you if not more.

In America cops beat their wives four times more than the national average. In America, a woman is raped every two minutes and every six minutes that victim is a child. Only in America. Stop being a victim and fight back. Next time some fat ugly pig tries to grope you without your permission I say cut his hands off. Bet he won't try that shit again.

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