The President of the United States of America is married to a Hooker

The President of the United States of America is married to a Hooker
By Christopher R Rice

Becoming a writer has been the worst mistake of my life. How much hypocrisy can one person stand? This Alice in Wonderland reality we're all being forced to live by is like some George Orwell 1984. Have you seen that the presidents wife is suing the DailMail for reporting on her being a former escort? She claims a loss of income due to allegations in this article but Brad Pitt was outed as an escort and it hasn't stopped him from earning a living. Even Nancy Reagan was known to sell some tail before she became famous, but she was still able to make a buck or two, without a lawsuit.

Then I report about an Army interrogator that says that torture cost American lives, Cheney lied, duh. But now there's another crazy cracker in the White House that wants to torture woman and children. And I wonder would it be poetic justice to kidnap American children on their way to school and put bamboo under their finger nails the same way the CIA does to children all around the world? The CIA, if you missed my reporting admits to kidnapping and holding children at Gitmo. The CIA also admits to torturing children and that, um, about 22% of detainees were innocent. I use to dig up the links for you but since you refuse to pay me for my work I've quit being so nice.

Now I'm expected to not only work for free but be accused of making shit up. Chris does not have to make shit up, shit's fucked up enough by itself. Our government admits to war crimes, torture, drones, why the fuck would I need to make shit up. I just report on the shit that they admit to. No need to fabricate, no need for conspiracy theories, the shit they admit to is enough to put them on trial like the one Saddam got. But my fellow American are all boot lickers, ass kissers, left wing apologist or right wing lunatics. God bless America and Alice in Wonderland too. It's like some bad acid trip where the priest rape little boys, teachers sleep with their students, cops are all criminals, politicians are all crooked and the first lady is a hooker.

Former military interrogator Matthew Alexander refutes Dick Cheney's claim that torture saved American lives.

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