The target of the US military raid in Yemen is still alive, and he mocked Trump in an audio recording

The target of last week's military raid in Yemen not only is still alive but has released an audio recording mocking President Donald Trump.

Military and intelligence officials told NBC News on Monday that the goal of the Navy SEAL operation was to capture or kill Qassim al-Rimi, the head of Al Qaeda's Yemeni affiliate. The raid claimed the lives of 14 Qaeda fighters, at least two dozen civilians, and US serviceman William "Ryan" Owens — but al-Rimi remains alive in Yemen, NBC News reported.

Failed to get our target, service members killed and injured, killed scores of women and children, destroyed an aircraft, and wiped out a village ...

... SUCCESS!! ...

... dumbasses.

Angry at the civilian casualties incurred last month in the first commando raid authorized by President Trump, Yemen has withdrawn permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terrorist groups in the country, according to American officials.

....The raid stirred immediate outrage among Yemeni government officials, some of whom accused the Trump administration of not fully consulting with them before the mission. Within 24 hours of the assault on a cluster of houses in a tiny village in mountainous central Yemen, the country’s foreign minister, Abdul Malik Al Mekhlafi, condemned the raid in a post on his official Twitter account as “extrajudicial killings.”


Al-Rimi released an audio recording on Sunday in which he mentioned the raid and called Trump "the goat of the White House," according to NBC News, which authenticated the tape with military sources.

According to Fox News, al-Rimi also identified by name 25 purported victims of the attack.

It wasn't clear whether al-Rimi was at the scene of the raid, according to the report, which said the prospect of killing al-Rimi persuaded US officials to carry out the mission.

The White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, last week called the raid "very, very well thought out and executed" and "a successful operation by all standards."

"The fool of the White House got slapped at the beginning of his road in your lands," he reportedly said.

Some critics of the raid have directed their ire toward Trump. Military officials told Reuters last week that Trump authorized the mission without sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations. The White House has rejected that account, however, noting that plans for the strike began months ago under the Obama administration.


EDITORS NOTE: I guess the three writers that wrote those two articles and pry everyone else in America but myself seems to have missed one very important point, which is, why is it wherever the US military goes there are massive civilian casualties? What are we teaching our young men that they can not fight honorably? Why is there no honor in the US military? Remember Iraq? Blackwater? Afghanistan? Vietnam?

The American military are baby killers. I have no respect for baby killers.

We teach kids in our military to be very paranoid, if they hear a sound, we teach them not to inspect, but to simply spray it with bullets, that way you will come home. Then when these racist crackers come home we put them in our local police forces where they kill even more civilians. And then we give them a paid vacation. God bless America.

So what do you suppose we are doing in Yemen? Oh right, 'policeman of the world', right? Has nothing to do with rape and plunder, like every world power before us, oh no, we special, we racist crackers just come to lend a good hand, right? Gawd, Americans are a bunch of fucking idiots. Fuck America and that dumb cracker you put in the White House. Fuck you and your children. I hope someone shoots you and your whole family just like the US military does the whole world over. What comes around goes around bytch.

Here's a clue what we are doing in Yemen..
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