Why Are Liberals such Pussies

Why Are Liberals such Pussies
By Christopher R Rice

Hi, I was reading other peoples comments when some conservative suggested that the other commenters should support the president and not hope for his failure. Hum, seems to me that the conservatives did everything they could to discredit Obama and not support him.

Didn't conservatives sue Obama to see his birth certificate? So why haven't liberals sued to see Trumps tax returns? Didn't conservatives claim Obama was from Kenya and a Muslim? Why let Trump off so easy? Trump is such an easy target and yet Democrats are not on the attack, at least not how conservatives were with Obama/Clinton/Carter.

STOP being so polite and nice. Do unto others as they have done unto you. Obama could not pass one piece of legislation for the last six years because republicans blocked everything. They wouldn't even allow his supreme court nomination for a whole twelve months. Now we get a Nazi in the Supreme court and liberals are not doing a gawd damn thing about it. You make me sick. You act like a little bitch. Why do liberals act like such pussies?

From the Business Insider:

Trump made clear during his election campaign that he revered Putin's leadership of Russia, and he made a direct public appeal to the Kremlin during a news conference in July asking it to find damaging information on his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton.

A classified dossier on Trump originally compiled as political opposition research, which had been making the rounds in Washington since last year, contained unverified details of supposed associations between Trump and Russia. US officials on Friday said some elements in the 35-page document had indeed proved accurate.

Trump and his surrogates have called the document "fake and fictitious."

Dear liberals, what is worse, being a Muslim or a Communist? Help me remove this piece of garbage...

General Strike to Remove Donald J Trump

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