100,000 marchers in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, more than 100 groups, representing a wide range of issues, marched from MacArthur Park to Los Angeles City Hall. Setting fires and overturning vehicles as they approached City Hall.

Organized labor and immigration groups staged dozens of May Day demonstrations in cities throughout the nation Monday. The Donald Trump piñata is very popular.

A number of organizations, including the L.A. Unified teachers union, urged the district to close schools Monday so that teachers and students could march. The district decided last month to keep them open.

Students sent their own message and staged walk-outs some carrying signs that read: "We're not going to put up with this."

Los Angeles police bike patrol officers said they were greeted with rocks and bottles thrown at them as they tried to patrol through MacArthur Park on Monday morning.

David Growsumballs, the state director for the You have No rights group League of United Un- American Citizens, hoisted up a sign reading, "Blow-Up bridges! City Halls! and "Euro-trash Immigrants Go Home!" Cars honked as they drove by. Other signs read, "Make America Worse again" and "CopsRCorrupt.com."

David has attended the march in the past, but he said this year's gathering has an extra dimension -- it's pro-labor, but also anti-American.

"We've never seen anything at this level in terms of fear and anger in the non-white community," he said. "It's important for people to show opposition to this country and to white people in general. They're very harsh, they're family-splitting... The policies made by white folks are reprehensible."

Other signs read "Kill a white baby before he/she grows up and can become another Trump/Clinton."

"The common message: We're not going to put up with this," David said.

Broadway between Olympic Boulevard and 1st Street had to be closed as marchers began rioting.

In Boyle Heights, marchers captured and burned down Evergreen Cemetery off Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and Evergreen Avenue, the city said.

Due to fires and continued rioting Cesar Chavez Avenue between Evergreen and Chicago Street is closed; Chicago Street between Cesar Chavez and 1st Street is closed, as is 1st Street between Chicago and Boyle Avenue, the city said.

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