Police issue 'plea' to find owner of $1,600 crack cocaine placed in lost and found box

By Josh Robbins IBT

EDITORS NOTE: I haven't even read this article yet and I'm ready to call the po po for the first time in my life and claim that crack. I'm sure it can't be that easy though, I'm always tricked by that commercial for that rehab that starts off "want some crack?" I don't even watch television anymore but whenever I hear that in the background I sit up at attention. And my first though is, my God we can buy crack from the TV, this is a great country, God bless.. and before I can finish that thought that asshole comes on telling me this was a commercial for the addiction network. Now I'm depressed, got my hopes up for nothing. I hate TV, it's all fake.

A police force in Pennsylvania has issued a plea to find the owner of $1,600 (£1,250) of property left in a car park outside a shopping centre – several rocks of crack cocaine.

Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department made the unlikely announcement on their Facebook page on Wednesday 24 May.

EDITORS NOTE: Okay it looks like this title is just click bait unless I read it all wrong I thought someone left some crack in a "lost and found box." The article says something completely different, I feel so depressed again. Help me readers, I need some crack or some E. 

The drugs were left in the car park of Wilkes-Barre Township Commons Shopping Centre.

So far, no one has come forward to claim their illicit goods, which the force say has been put in their 'lost and found' box for safe keeping.

EDITORS NOTE: Damn now we're back at the lost and found. I don't think any sane person is going to call the po po for their stolen crack since their not even trying to retrieve their fucking car. Maybe the po po should check with the DMV? Oops, I think I just solved this case and all I really wanted was some fucking crack, goddamnit.

Despite the light-hearted tone of the post, police were still keen to remind the owner that their absent-mindedness could have had serious consequences.
They warned that a child could have stumbled across the drugs.

The post has now been shared over 1,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments from Facebook users.

Local residents were upset to hear that such a large amount of drugs had been found in the small township.

"That's sad because you have little children out here, so never know what could happen, a child could have found that," said Ikea Delarge told WNEP.

Brian Gomez said: "That's crazy. I wouldn't expect that around here. I don't see how you could drop that amount of drugs out here," said Brian Gomez of Wilkes-Barre."

EDITORS NOTE: That's not a lot of drugs unless you're six or something. Really, a couple of crack heads would have that gone before you could post to Facebook. Did you see that one guys name is "Ikea", how fucked up is that? 

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