Peter Tosh Son In Coma Following Police Brutality

Peter Tosh’s son, Jawara McIntosh remains in a coma after allegedly being beaten while in police custody in the United States.

The late Reggae icon’s 37-year-old son, Jawara has been reportedly left in a coma following an alleged beating during his detention at the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey where he was serving a six-month sentence for marijuana related charges.

Fans and family members has since blasted the brutal act, branding the Bergen County jail’s treatment of Jawara as totally inhumane and unwarranted.

Jawara, like his father is said to be a strong advocate for the legalisation of marijuana, leading friends and family members to believe this may have been the reason for his detention, and brutal treatment.

According to the family’s attorney, Jasmine Rand, they will be pursuing action for civil rights violations against the jail, and seeking a independent investigation from the United States Department of Justice into the matter.

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