Supposed to be

By Christopher R Rice

When people well . .sheeple, actually buy into the idea that we should abstain from treating each other with respect, because of political correctness, then we have lost our way. You are supposed to treat people that you disagree with, with respect. You are supposed to use language that is tame. And the reason why you do this is because you think your ideals are right. Name calling, hurling insults do not make you any righter. It just shows your inability to use language to explain your viewpoint. But sheeple, are a curious breed. Trying to show them the self-evident truth that we all need to be educated and articulate to explain what we believe. And if we are truly "right", we should have courage that our convictions will be proven right in the end. I will never understand the trolls in our society and their followers who wish for the devolve the conversation in America. How does that make us great? How does that make us better than these dictatorships and totalitarian societies that we criticize in other parts of the world? We are supposed to be a society where different ideals can exist. And through open dialogue and an educated discussion, we can arrive at conclusions that better our nation as a whole. But folks really don't get it. They really don't understand how constructive discussion can move us to a better place. Rancid dialogue simply poisons everything.

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