Why is Marijuana illegal?

By Christopher R Rice

Have you seen the governments latest anti-marijuana commercials that claim “Buzzed driving is drunk driving”?

Buzzed driving is not drunk driving. Weed will never turn you into a stumbling drunk. Yeah, but don’t all of the government funded independent studies show proof?

Myth busters

Science and research are solely funded by big government. One of the governments biggest hoaxes is the MRI that shows marijuana smoke killing brain cells. This MRI still shown in classrooms around the country today was conducted on reise monkeys who were denied oxygen while being forced excessive amounts of marijuana smoke via a face-mask. It was only this denial of oxygen that killed their brain cells not the marijuana smoke as seen in the MRI.

The government lies! Why does the government lie? You only need to lie when you have something to hide. What does the government have to hide? Bribes, murder, treason!

Why is marijuana illegal?

The pharmaceutical and health products industry spend more than $1.6 billion on federal lobbying, every year. Or about $1.2 million a day that Congress has been open for business. But why is marijuana illegal? The pharmaceutical and health products industry do not want to compete with a safer alternative. That grows for free in all 50 states.

Consequences of the governments lies can be seen everywhere. Police have conducted strip searches on the side of highways, forced anal exams looking for drugs that didn’t exist plus all the fines racked up from people who’s only crime was smoking a doobie. If you get pulled over and you’ve smoked weed you will be cited for being under the influence while driving!

I’ve looked high and low, but I can’t find the disastrous consequences of marijuana/drug use apparent anywhere other than the Drug Czar’s predictably propagandized press releases. Whenever the government claims that marijuana will cause you to crash your car, just look for the corpses. Where are they?

Read more: http://www.copsrcorrupt.com/marijuana.html

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