Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” a police officer and don’t try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

How the Democrats will stop Donald Trump

How the Democrats will stop Donald Trump
By Christopher R Rice

Christopher R Rice

All of you are either too young or too stupid to remember this but not too long ago a rogue president named George Wiggly Bush attacked Iraq and millions of protesters clogged the streets. When their protest turned out to be fruitless they ran to the polls and filled both houses with Democrats and demanded an end to an illegal war. The Democrats said no problem, that's what we're here for, then they signed off on Bush's surge. And even more troops were sent to Iraq.

(I wrote about the democrats profiting from war in: Endless War = Endless Profits)

This did not phase voters who were too stupid to realize it was all a con, a shell game. Then Bush bailed out the banks and we dutifully called our congress members and senators against the bailouts a hundred to one, only to find out that they were going to give out even more bailouts to the auto makers. Not to mention QE, QE2, 3, 4 and 5.

So the voters gleefully marched back into the voting booths to put a democrat in the White House and end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. by Christopher R Rice warned everybody that this was a scam but no one listened. (Except the Border Patrol Union which backed VoteStrike)

Here's some videos I made as VoteStrike back in '09:

Then GWBush set the timeline for withdraw from Iraq before leaving office and yet somehow Obama was blamed for creating the vacuum that created ISIS, for withdrawing the troops from Iraq, too soon.  Wow Becky, Americans are fucking retarded.

Then Obama the ultra liberal democrat that ya'll sent to the White House to get us out of war, led us into war in Libya and Syria as well as extended the Afghanistan war into the Ukraine and Crimea.

But where was the protest? There were none. Then the Democrat, ultra liberal remember admitted to breaking the Constitution to one, spy on everyone and two, to kill without trial. Obama also became a war criminal like his predecessor but Obama used drones to kill women, children and first responders, and again there were no fucking protest. No end to the war as promised, no closing Gitmo, it was all a fucking con. And no one cared.

For some reason the Democrats could not stop GWBush's surge but the small minority of Republicans in the congress and senate were able to block Obama from closing Gitmo, give me a fucking break. And again, there were no fucking protest.

And now you think that your weak ass protest or the lie to your face Democrats can stop Trump, you are a fucking idiot of epic proportions.

I, Christopher R Rice told you, had you been reading this blog exactly what was and is going to happen but ya'll laughed in my face and made fun of my free blog. So, I bought a website and recreated the Underground Railroad. A string of safe houses that dots this country. I did it on my own with no help from anyone and with my own money. I put up a donation button and asked for volunteers but no one showed up and my Paypal account remains empty proving just how retarded Americans are.

Don't worry, be happy. Oh yeah, and welcome to the Underground. I've been working 16 hours a day, seven days a week to build it and it is only half finished. Nah, pry only a quarter built, if that, but I don't have time to tell you anymore, I've got to get back to building the Underground Railroad before it is too late. Thanks for nothing. Much love -C.

The Underground

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Malia Obama spotted at Sundance pipeline protest

By Jayme Deerwester

If Malia Obama's first week as a former first daughter is anything to go by, the 18-year-old's re-entry into civilian life appears to be going smoothly.

Take, for example, her trip to the Sundance Film Festival. On Monday, she attended an event supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (which was revived in an executive action signed by President Trump this week) and nobody seemed to notice for days.

In fact, the story only gained traction once actress and anti-DAP activist Shailene Woodley mentioned it in a Wednesday interview with the website

"It was amazing to see Malia," Woodley said. "To witness a human being and a woman coming into her own outside of her family and outside of the attachments that this country has on her, but someone who's willing to participate in democracy because she chooses to, because she recognizes, regardless of her last name, that if she doesn't participate in democracy, there will be no world for her future children."

As part of her gap-year to-do list, Obama begins an internship with the Weinstein Company in February.

She'll enroll at Harvard University in the fall.

Friday, January 27, 2017

WikiLeaks: 'Trump is wrong' on Chelsea Manning

WikiLeaks: 'Trump is wrong' on Chelsea Manning
By Rebecca Savransky The Hill

WikiLeaks on Thursday said President Trump was "wrong" to criticize former Army soldier Chelsea Manning as an "ungrateful traitor" who should not have been released from prison.

"Trump is wrong," WikiLeaks tweeted in response to a tweet from the president earlier Thursday morning.

"Manning was found innocent of 'aiding the enemy' & Pentagon admitted under oath no-one harmed."

WikiLeaks in a subsequent post pointed to a tweet from Trump last July when he blasted both former President Obama and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Trump denounces Manning for agreeing with him. Compare," WikiLeaks posted.

The president on Thursday ripped Manning, whose prison sentence was commuted by Obama shortly before leaving office.

"Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!" Trump tweeted.

Manning in her first column since Obama commuted her sentence said Obama had "few permanent accomplishments."

"This vulnerable legacy should remind us that what we really need is a strong and unapologetic progressive to lead us. What we need as well is a relentless grassroots movement to hold that leadership accountable," she wrote in The Guardian.

"The one simple lesson to draw from President Obama's legacy: do not start off with a compromise. They won't meet you in the middle," she added.

Manning was convicted in 2013 of leaking classified information about U.S. national security activities that were later disclosed by WikiLeaks.

The 35-year sentence Manning received was the longest ever imposed for a leak conviction. She was originally set to be released in 2045.

WikiLeaks had celebrated Obama's decision to commute Manning's sentence as a victory.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence

By Olivier Knox

President Obama commuted the 35-year prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, setting up the army intelligence analyst turned high-profile leaker to be freed on May 17, the White House announced Tuesday.

Manning was on a list of 209 commutations and 64 pardons, which may not be Obama’s final act of clemency before he leaves office at midday on Jan. 20. Edward Snowden’s name was not on the list.

Manning was convicted after leaking U.S. military incident logs and diplomatic cables, among other secret government documents, in 2010.

In his final scheduled briefing for reporters, White House press secretary Josh Earnest described Manning and Snowden in starkly different terms.

“Chelsea Manning, as a member of the United States armed forces, went through a legal proceeding administered by the United States military under the laws that govern the conduct of members of the United States military, and there was a hearing and a conviction and a sentence,” Earnest said. “It all went through that regular process.  And that’s the way we determine guilt or innocence in this country, particularly with regard to the conduct of men and women in our armed forces.  And that’s the way that our system works.”

But Snowden “should return to the United States and face the serious crimes that with which he’s been charged,” Earnest said. “He will of course be afforded the kind of due process that’s available to every American citizen who’s going through the criminal justice process. But the crimes that he’s accused of committing are serious. And we believe that he should return to the United States and face them rather than seeking refuge in the arms of an adversary of the United States that has their own strategic interests in disseminating information in a harmful way.”

The Obama administration has accused the Russian government of using WikiLeaks to influence the 2016 election. The organization published emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee and from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Manning’s commutation reads:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning – Oklahoma City, OK

Offense: One specification of wrongful and wanton publication to the internet intelligence belonging to the United States; five specifications of stealing, purloining or knowingly converting U.S. government records; six specifications of willful communication of information relating to the national defense; one specification of willful communication of information in unlawful possession; one specification of willful communication of information relating to the national defense by exceeding authorized access to a U.S. government computer; one specification of willful communication of information relating to the national defense obtained by accessing a U.S. government computer; five specifications of failure to obey order or regulation; U.S. Army Court Martial

Sentence: 35 years’ imprisonment (August 21, 2013)
Commutation Grant: Prison sentence commuted to expire on May 17, 2017.

Wikileaks claimed "victory" on Tuesday after the White House announced US President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year term for leaking classified US documents.

"VICTORY: Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence from 35 years to 7. Release date now May 17," WikiLeaks wrote on Twitter.

Manning was convicted in August 2013 of espionage and other offenses for handing sensitive military and diplomatic documents to the organisation.

Earlier this month WikiLeaks said its founder Julian Assange would agree to be extradited from London to the US if Obama granted clemency to Manning.

White House concedes it won't close Guantanamo after all

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Condeleeza Rice Caught in Male Prostitution Sting

Condeleeza Rice Caught in Male Prostitution Sting

Washington, D.C.- former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice has been identified as a frequent client of an underground male prostitution operation based in Gonzo Heights Housing Projects in Washington, D.C.

A website, Underground America Inc. ( identified by FBI sources, has been been under surveillance for over a year for providing "authentic gang banger services" for top tier clients in the Washington, D.C. area. 

Rice, 62, showed up at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. to have sex with a group of college students for money, according to charging documents released Tuesday by the Washington D.C. State Attorney's Office.

Washington D.C. deputy sheriffs stopped Rice after she drove away, but she would not speak to them and they did not arrest her, the report states.

According to court documents, Rice texted on Jan. 7, discussed what she wanted and how much she would pay.

No attorney was listed for her Thursday in court records.

Former President Bush refused comment to questions shouted at him by news media.

A sealed indictment is to be opened at noon tomorrow. Rice has scheduled a news conference for 11:00 a.m.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It cost 1.7 cents to make a penny this year, and 8 cents to make a nickel

It cost 1.7 cents to make a penny this year, and 8 cents to make a nickel

In essence, we're paying $100 million a year to make coins that nobody wants, so that people can take them to a Coinstar kiosk and pay again to get rid of them. Capitalism!

The U.S. Mint has some good news and bad news in its latest biennial report to Congress. The good news is that we're wasting less money on pennies and nickels. The bad news is we're still wasting money on pennies and nickels.

Production costs for all four major coin types fell in fiscal year 2014 due to the falling price of copper, one of the primary metals used to make coins. The Mint estimates it saved $29 million this year compared to last year on account of lower copper prices.

But it continues to lose money on pennies and nickels. It now costs $1.62 to make a dollar's worth of nickels, and $1.66 to make a dollar's worth of pennies. By contrast it costs only 36 cents to make a dollar's worth of quarters, and 40 cents for a buck of dimes. Paper dollar bills are even more cost-effective.

As recently as the early 2000s, the Mint was still turning a small profit on the nickels and pennies it produced. But the costs of those coins spiked in 2006, and haven't broken even since then.

As of 2013 taxpayers were losing $105 million annually on penny and nickel production. This report doesn't include total production numbers, so we can't calculate costs at the moment. But it's safe to assume that losses on pennies and nickels decreased this year, in line with their falling cost.

The Mint could decrease production costs even further, especially on dimes and quarters, by using different metal compositions in the production of those coins. But that would change their weight and their "electromagnetic signature," which would drive vending machines haywire. It would require a multi-billion dollar upgrade of coin-operated machines nationally, which dwarfs the few million that might be saved from adjusting the coins' metal composition.

But ditching the penny and nickel would cost literally nothing -- imagine, a $100 million annual savings with a flourish of the executive pen. But such a move remains fiercely opposed by metal alloy industries and Coinstar, which makes millions each year by helping people get rid of their unwanted change.

EDITORS NOTE: How much more proof do I need to provide that Americans are the dumbest people on the planet? Keep pushing me, this is just the tip of the iceburg bytch.


Just Gimme Money

Just Gimme Money
By Christopher R Rice

Here at the Underground we try to give you a different perspective. A different world view than you can find anywhere else. Usually this means that we are exposing some huge horrible crime that's taking place but being ignored. This article is not about any crime being committed by my own government. Here at the Underground we see the whole world differently from the rest of you. Here's the Undergrounds version of an old Beatles song. (Don't tell Google I'm doing this, or well you already know what happened to YouTube after Google got ahold of them.)

Your pussy gives me a thrill, why not take it out on the corner and pay my bills! Now gimme money. That's what I want! That's what I want! And if you ain't made no money bitch, stay out on the track and don't come back. Where's my money bitch? That's what I want! Put on your shortest skirt and your highest heels you're goin out tonight and every night. Now gimme money. That's what I want! Hit the track and come and pay the kid. Just gimme money! That's what I want, that's what I want.

Nah bitch not half, not three quarters, all the money, cuz when the rents due you want I should just pay half or when your phone bills due or when you need bail, do you want me to only pay half? Nah bitch all the money or you can kick rocks, I got two more just like you. Just gimme money that's what I want. Now get out there and make us rich. The sooner you get that green the sooner we will be partying like rock stars. Repeat chorus

FBI Helps Shut Down Seattle Sex-Work Review Board

FBI Helps Shut Down Seattle Sex-Work Review Board
By  Reason

On Wednesday, visitors to were greeted not by the site's usual array of forums but a series of law-enforcement badge photos displayed prominently above the following message: "This website has been seized pursuant to a Promoting Prostitution investigation conducted by the King County Sheriff's Office, the Bellevue Police Department, the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

The site, which The Stranger's Sydney Brownstone describes as "an online mainstay of the Seattle sex industry," previously provided a space for clients and sex workers to dish on one another in the interest of lust and safety, as well offered a free-advertising venue. But like so many tools that make life easier for those in the sex trade, this one runs afoul of our government's new mission to "end demand" for prostitution, which it has rechristened "modern slavery."

"There's very little information to go on at the moment, but a spokesperson from the Bellevue Police Department told The Stranger that King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg will be holding a press conference related to the website [Thursday] morning," notes Brownstone. The conference will be held at 11:30 a.m. Pacific time.

The Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) offers a few more details, including the fact that several people have been arrested in conjunction with the site's shutdown. "Sex worker communities believe that the site may have been specifically targeted in connection with a raid on a massage parlor where non-native Asians worked or because non-Native Asian sex workers advertised through the website," SWOP-USA reports.

"Migrant sex workers, especially Asian migrant workers, are often inaccurately labeled as trafficking victims," said SWOP-USA Board President Savannah Sly, who expects prosecutors to highlight the presence of migrant Korean sex workers on The Review Board as evidence of human trafficking. But "just because a women came to the U.S. and works as an escort does not mean she did so involuntarily," adds Sly. "These assumptions are blatantly racist and xenophobic. Many migrant workers in the sex trade, domestic work and agriculture emigrate and work voluntarily."

Across social media, Pacific Northwest sex workers and their clients aired frustrations yesterday. "Uh-oh. Seattle ladies and gentleman, looks like the end of an era. Not in a good way," tweeted Mistress Matisse, a Seattle-based dominatrix and leading sex-worker rights activist.

"The persistent criminalizing of communication based on hypothetical sexual behavior should be disturbing to everyone," Matisse added. And "the use of police resources to raid and shutdown sexworker resources like TRB message board does not reduce trafficking or make anyone safer.

Instead, it increases sex worker's reliance on (possibly coercive) third parties, and makes it harder for us to screen clients for safety."

"Dumbest thing ever. TRB helped so many on both sides," read another response. "Gotta love the scare tactics," chimed in @sexylezcouple4u. "There will always be a venue. If not that one, there will be another. Wasted funds."

If the past few years are any indication, however, federal agents are more than happy to spend their time playing website whack-a-mole. First it was Craigslist's "adult" section. In 2014, it was Then, last year, the Department of Homeland Security took down gay-escort site Rentboy. And everyone from U.S. senators to obsessed Illinois sheriffs have been trying to shut down the classified-ad site Backpage.

Backpage, however, has refused to just roll over for authorities. Following a string of legal victories (the most recent of which cited an amicus brief from Reason Foundation!), Backpage is now suing the federal government over its attempt to impose criminal liability on third-party publishers. "Given the enormous volume of third-party content [sites like Backpage] receive and disseminate every day," the suit states, "websites cannot possibly review every post to guarantee nothing is unlawful."

However, Backpage does flag posted ads that seem suspect and cooperate with law enforcement when specific ads are in question; the site has actually been instrumental in countless cases involving missing teens.

The shutdown of The Review Board is just the government's latest attempt to go after consensual prostitution by stoking fears about forced sex trafficking, and it doesn't matter if they're actually putting everyone more at risk and making trafficking investigations harder. The goal has never been about sex worker safety or saving victims, it's about punishing people whom the government views as blatantly skirting its rules and then wringing from them all the assets that it can.

So perhaps the only surprising thing about this Review Board situation is it produced a local TV news report (featuring Reason contributor Maggie McNeill) that doesn't merely parrot police talking points. Newscasters actually allow sex workers to speak for themselves about the site's shutdown and how it puts them at risk, while noting that Seattle recently received a $1.5 million grant from the
Justice Department to help "eradicate human trafficking" and "end modern slavery."

Related article:

Better than Backpage

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Backpage execs refuse to testify at sex-trafficking hearing

Backpage execs refuse to testify at sex-trafficking hearing
By MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Executives at the advertising website refused to testify before Congress Tuesday following a Senate report that accuses the site of systematically editing its "adult" ads to remove words that indicate sex trafficking.

Four top executives and the company's lawyer told a Senate subcommittee they were invoking their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

The Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a report Monday charging that Backpage has created a lucrative marketplace that makes child sex trafficking easier. The report cites internal documents showing that up to 80 percent of the site's ads are edited to conceal the true nature of the underlying transaction.

Backpage has denied the allegations, and the site shuttered its "adult" section in the U.S. Monday night to protest what it calls government censorship.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, the subcommittee's chairman, said Backpage's actions validated the panel's report, adding that Backpage has "put profits ahead of vulnerable women and children."

Backpage has shown it is "intent on profiting from human trafficking — and human misery — and profit they have, at the expense of countless innocent victims," Portman said as the Backpage executives sat stone-faced in front of him.

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, the panel's top Democrat, called Backpage "a $600 million company built on selling sex — and importantly, built on selling sex with children."

Rather than turn away ads that sell girls as young as 12 for sex, Backpage executives "just tried to make it less obvious," McCaskill said. The committee's report said the company used a computer program to find and delete words such as "Lolita," ''cheerleader," ''teenager" and "young."

The editing practices amounted to "coaching" traffickers and pimps in how to make their ads appears legitimate while continuing to sell girls and boys into prostitution and modern-day slavery, McCaskill said.

"That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of evil — simply evil," she said.

The Senate hearing comes a day after the Supreme Court said it won't hear an appeal from three sex trafficking victims who accuse Backpage of helping to promote the exploitation of children.

The justices left in place a lower court ruling that said federal law shields Backpage from liability because the site is just hosting content created by people who use it.

The women say they were sold as prostitutes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island through advertisements for escort services on the site when they were as young as 15. A federal judge threw out the lawsuit and the federal appeals court in Boston upheld that ruling.

In a separate case last month, a California judge rejected pimping charges against Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer and former owners Michael Lacey and James Larkin, citing federal free speech laws.

California officials have said they intend to pursue new charges against the company based on new evidence.

Prosecutors have alleged that more than 90 percent of Backpage's revenue — millions of dollars each month — comes from adult escort ads that use coded language and nearly nude photos to offer sex for money.

The Senate report says that despite public claims to the contrary, Ferrer, Larkin and Lacey are the "true beneficial owners of the company." The report says Larkin and Lacey loaned Ferrer $600 million to buy the company from them, and the men concealed their ownership interest through "a complex chain of domestic and international shell companies."

Ferrer, Lacey, Larkin and chief operating officer Andrew Padilla all refused to testify Tuesday, as did Elizabeth McDougall, the company's general counsel.

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Alternatives to Backpage / Craigslist / MyRedbook

Monday, January 9, 2017

Backpage Escorts Censored by US Senate

Backpage Escorts Censored by US Senate

Press Release: Removes Adult Content Due to Unconstitutional Government Censorship....Vows to Fight First Amendment Battles

January 9, 2017

Washington, D.C. - As the direct result of unconstitutional government censorship, has removed its Adult content section from the highly popular classified website, effective immediately. For years, the legal system protecting freedom of speech prevailed, but new government tactics, including pressuring credit card companies to cease doing business with Backpage, have left the company with no other choice but to remove the content in the United States.

As federal appeals court Judge Richard Posner has described, the goal is either to “suffocate” Backpage out of existence or use the awesome powers of the government to force Backpage to follow in the footsteps of Craigslist and abandon its Adult advertising section. Judge Posner described such tactics as “a formula for permitting unauthorized, unregulated, foolproof, lawless government coercion.”

“It's a sad day for America's children victimized by prostitution,” said Dr. Lois Lee, Founder and President, Children of the Night, a leading national hotline and shelter program for victims of sex trafficking based in Los Angeles. “ was a critical investigative tool depended on by America's vice detectives and agents in the field to locate and recover missing children and to arrest and successfully prosecute the pimps who prostitute children.” She added, “The ability to search for and track potentially exploited children on a website and have the website bend over backwards to help and cooperate with police the way Backpage did was totally unique.  It not only made law enforcement's job easier, it made them much more effective at rescuing kids and convicting pimps.” was created thirteen years ago by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, through their newspaper company, New Times Media, to compete with Craigslist, the nation’s largest online classified ad platform. Larkin and Lacey were pioneers in independent journalism, establishing Village Voice Media in 1970 to provide alternative news coverage of the Vietnam war and later served as editor and publisher of twenty weekly newspapers.

As The Center for Democracy and Technology and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have observed, the Senate subcommittee has engaged in an “invasive, burdensome inquiry into’s editorial practices [that] creates an intense chilling effect, not only for Backpage but for any website operator seeking to define their own editorial viewpoint and moderation procedures for the third-party content they host.”

This will not end the fight for online freedom of speech. will continue to pursue its efforts in court to vindicate its First Amendment rights and those of other online platforms for third party expression.

For additional context of Backpage and the First Amendment, please read:

Why Part II

Why Part II
By Christopher R Rice

In America a woman is raped every 2 minutes, every 6 minutes that victim is a child. So, why is it that good Christian Americans are outside of Planned Parenthood protesting abortion but have nothing to say about rape?

Over 20 % of female cadets are raped in the U.S. military and its not just females getting raped.

Every city council in America has spent time and tax payer money to keep medical marijuana dispensaries out of our communities but no money or time spent to keep pedophiles out of our communities. Why is that?

America's political leaders are calling for another tax cut for the already Super Rich while we are $20 trillion in debt. Their solution to the debt is to eliminate Social Security and other social services. In other words they want to throw retirees out on the streets just like Reagan did to crazy people, 35 years ago. With all of the mass shootings going on, I think we all know how well that has worked out.

Before Ronald Reagan, there were no homeless in America. Now there are 2.5 million homeless children in America and 1 in 4 vets are homeless. The rich are stealing from the poor and the middle class ever damn day. Wake the fuck up!

In the 50's, 60's and 70's only one parent had to work in the home and they had more leisure time and more disposable income than today's families. Today both parents need to work just to be buried in a mountain of debt. Modern technology has not made our lives any easier as they claimed. Families are worse off than before. Why is that?

If you are tired of being screwed over by your own religion and by your own government and our own media. You are not alone.

They might control the media and hold all of the purse strings but that doesn't mean a god damn thing.

Just look through history, all the money in the world couldn't stop a real revolution. (Repost this link everywhere).

I'm talking about a real revolution. Not that Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, I'll concede, punk ass bullshit. I'm talking about a real revolution.

Revolutions are bloody and violent. Because the Super Rich will not just give up all that they have stolen from you and me. Ever.

They will never, note to BLM, treat you like equals.

Note to OWS, they won't even let you take a fucking public park. They will clear it with pigs and tear gas. So much for the right to assemble and peacefully redress our grievances. The time for peaceful marches and protest is over. It's time for war. They call it the 'war on the middle class', I say we start fighting back! Before it's too late.

Tired of this topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland BS?

Lets organize -against the police. Together we can turn the tables- turn the tide - revoltordie.

Welcome to the Underground 

Take Notice

Revolution by the Numbers

Sunday, January 8, 2017

the Truth about Russian hacks

the Truth about Russian hacks
By Christopher R Rice

Intelligent citizens know that these leaks were not "hacked" by Russia, they were delivered via a disgruntled DNC employee who had access to all of this information. This is a no-brainer and it is obvious that our government thinks that we have no brains.

With the evidence of hacking, that makes Trump's presidency as legitimate as Sarah Palin's grandchildren.

Trump was the one who kept saying the election was rigged before the kid who stole the cokies and then tells mom it looks like someone stole the cookies.

Middle east meddling, media meddling, corporate meddling, Russian meddling, I must have meddled by casting my vote and voicing my opinion. It was all meddling and some meddled better than others. In the end only one person gets elected just as it has been in the past. Dem's are very sore losers exhibiting all of the character flaws that they accuse others of having and instigating civil unrest by pitting Americans of all races against each other creating an illusion that they are a peaceful people/party. Hillary for prison. Make America Hate Again.

Welcome to Underground America Inc.