Do Not Join The Military!

Do Not Join The Military!

8 Reasons to NOT Support the US Military

Do not allow yourself to be meat for the meat grinder. Do not give your life away to make some rich asshole richer. Do not kill strangers because some incompetent pricks in Washington tell you it's the moral thing to do. The only way to win is to not play the game. It is time for the young people in this country to stop being part of America's war machine. It's obvious that our government has no intention of stopping these endless wars. The only logical thing left to do is to encourage our young people not to participate in this system. Want to support my art and pick up a cool custom painted T-shirt? Check out the Cult of Dusty webstore:

Stay Informed:

It's the Opium Stupid, Afghan surge guarantees CIA Drug Profits

Washington's Hidden Agenda: Restore the Drug Trade, the Spoils of War

100 Years of a War on Drugs

Afghanistan: CIA's Shady history of drug trafficking

(How to) Beat any drug test for FREE 

Afghan Heroin & the CIA

Under Trump, U.S. Military Killed Over 1,000 Civilians in Iraq, Syria in March

US Military ATROCITIES in Iraq and Syria WORSE than NAZI GERMANY

New Pentagon Rules allow for more civilian deaths

US Defense Sec says civilian casualties ‘Fact of Life’ as death toll tops 3,000 

Report U.S. killing more civilians in Iraq, Syria than it acknowledges

8 Reasons to NOT Support the US Military

Korea: What the Media Is NOT Telling You

Iran: What the Media is not Telling

Syria: What the Media Isn't Telling

China: What the Media is not telling

Stock Market Bubble / Collapse

Endless War = Endless Profits (How Congress Profits from War)

25 Methods of Dis-Information 

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