Riverbed Encampment

Riverbed Encampment

Employed but still homeless 
By Jessica Hopper, Tim Sandler and Cristina Boado,  NBCNews  

Before the sun rises, Cindy and Patrick Kennard wake their three daughters, fold their cots in a Sunday school classroom and pack their lives into suitcases. 

“This is an every Sunday ritual,” said Cindy Kennard. 

“It’s something that we do every week and so it just becomes natural. 

We know the best thing is to get up and keep moving.” 

The Kennard family of five from Johnson City, Tenn., is homeless. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Kennards is that despite their homelessness, they are still a working family. 

For the last seven years, Patrick Kennard has worked a full-time job with benefits at a bank call center and until recently, Cindy Kennard worked as a director of a daycare facility.

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